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    Some Common Questions

    How does the demo work?
    Your demo allows you to try Onro Free for an unlimited time whether it will be a good solution for your business needs.
    How long does it take to have Onro?
    For the Business plan, it takes no time, just some configuration to set your business special information and settings. but for start-up and enterprise plan, there is some operational tasks like preparing the apps with your logo, connecting the payment gateway, SMS, map and more. they take a maximum of two weeks.
    Can I try Onro for free before making a purchase?

    Yes, you can try Onro for free. If you already have a courier (delivery) business, you also can use it in your business to see if you like it or not. No limitation in testing the demo. You can see pricing details here.

    How much can I customize the software?

    You can almost customize everything you see. settings, service types, parcels, algorithms, colors, and more. To read more about customization, see here

    Onro will improve the operations of a business by providing a powerful and dynamic solution. Businesses that have delivery services can speed up their operations and boost revenues easily.

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