5 Must-Have Features of Courier Tracking Software

5 must-have features of courier tracking software.

A critical question to ask when it comes to business software is whether the program meets the company’s demands. The purpose of courier tracking software is to use technology to automate and make the fundamental procedures of a courier business more transparent. Through courier software, all parties to an order can monitor and control the ordering process at any time, including the courier company, the customer, and the driver. In this article, we’ll discuss the essential features of courier tracking software.

What Issues Is Courier Tracking Software Supposed To Solve?

To begin digging into the essential aspects of courier tracking software, let’s explore what the software is designed to accomplish from the perspective of a courier company. The following are some of the current issues that courier tracking software can help resolve.

Lack of Full Visibility

Increasing transparency from the beginning to the end of the delivery order process is one of the current trends in the delivery sector. Complete visibility involves making the order process transparent so that all parties can follow along. One of the main issues that courier businesses face is the lack of complete visibility of a decent courier monitoring software.

Lack Of Automation

As businesses become increasingly automated, their processes become more optimized. Your courier business data is captured by automating operations, and your accounting responsibilities are made more accessible. Accurate data and records also aid transparency. Transparency of data and processes is especially critical if your company has stakeholders. Communication is also automated when employing courier tracking software, making deployment more accessible and faster.

5 Important Features to Look For In Courier Tracking Software

Order Tracking

Customer orders are an essential part of a courier company’s business. These are the orders that drive the business. You can place orders in several ways with courier tracking software. When using a courier service that uses advanced tracking software, you can place an order as follows:

  • Dispatcher
  • Customer Application
  • Business API

Through these methods, orders can be placed by three types of users: individual customers, businesses, and corporate operators (dispatcher users).

One of the most critical differences between advanced courier tracking software and other courier software is that it only uses Excel forms to load orders. The software also allows you to track orders. Here are a few factors that make this possible:

Order Status Is Updated In Real-time

The development of courier tracking software often utilizes real-time technology. Orders can be updated in real-time platforms and notify all parties involved in the process. An order’s status can be as follows:

  • The driver’s acceptance
  • The driver’s arrival to pick up location
  • The driver’s shipment delivery 
  • The driver’s arrival to drop off location
  • POD accomplishment
  • Other orders updating
  • Order completion

Order Management

Users who use the dispatcher to place orders, customers who track orders via apps, and even businesses using the API to send orders to your courier company can not only see. Still, they can also manage the entire order process. Each of these three types of users has different options for managing orders. For example, once an order has been picked up, customers cannot cancel it. But the operator can update the status of an order from the dispatcher at any time.


As a result, courier tracking software must provide a complete and dynamic communication solution for all parties involved in the delivery process. As a result, software developed to handle business operations is tasked with creating links between each system component. Most commonly, a communication module is installed, which can dynamically define events to be sent to consumers at specific points in time.

Users can choose from the following channels:

  • SMS
  • Email
  • Notification
  • Webhook (API Call)

The message could contain the following information:

  • Tracking Link
  • Order Invoice
  • Driver Phone Number
  • Vehicle Information
  • Order Price

By using communication, all parties involved in the order can receive messages about all events during the order process. The following people can be recipients:

  • Individual Customers
  • Business Customers
  • Pickup Contact
  • Drop Off Contact
  • Driver

Courier tracking software provides the customer with the ability to see the status of orders, the driver’s location, and share the tracking Link. Additionally, they can communicate directly with the driver via the communication module. Sending a Track link is the best method for consumers who do not have the Customer Application installed. In this case, you can send the link to them by SMS to follow the order process as it unfolds.


ETAs, or Estimated Time of Arrival, is a critical option for ensuring customer satisfaction. The feature estimates this time and displays when the driver will arrive at the pickup and drop-off location. The map features display the estimated arrival time and allow you to plan your activities accordingly. Providing the consumer with an ETA is extremely useful and vital.


Almost all courier tracking software requires the presence of a POD to prove that the customer has received the shipment. The drivers gather enough documents in this process to confirm delivery. It is possible to capture images and write comments for further documentation using powerful courier tracking software to receive the customer’s signature electronically.


You just read a post that outlined the five most important aspects that a courier tracking software should possess. When evaluating and choosing it for your company, ensure that these functions are implemented correctly and with a pleasing user interface.

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Originally published December 1, 2021 3:42 pm, updated Saturday, 26 August 2023.

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