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The Onro team has been working remote since COVID-19.

What Is the Purpose of Our Mission?

The goal of Onro is to make it unnecessary for delivery companies to design and maintain their software and infrastructure. To do so, we focus on the following four issues:

Using the power of technology, we attempt to automate as many of the critical activities of delivery organizations as feasible. As a result, we are continually analyzing how to integrate the processes of various types of delivery businesses, and we have set aside a unique area in the product roadmap for this topic.

At Onro Product Development, we appreciate efforts that improve delivery and save costs for our customers. One of the goals we’ve set for ourselves is to assist in the optimization of the Last Mile Delivery Businesses.

Today, scalability is a crucial factor to consider when analyzing a company. One of Onro’s goals is to assist businesses in growing. We help business development with integration and other software features in this area.

Some Onro customers are startups and small businesses that are just getting started and require the appropriate software. We try to keep things as simple as possible for these customers to get their businesses off the ground.

What Is Onro?

Onro is a Last-Mile Delivery SaaS (Software as a Service) platform that helps delivery companies automate, optimize, scale, and simplify operations.

We create Onro products based on extensive research and observation of delivery business operations and customer requirements.

Onro’s usefulness extends beyond the software services it offers to delivery companies. Instead, it’s the collaborative interaction that forms between Onro and its customers.

We have no intention to increase the number of Onro customers at any cost. Because our purpose is to add value to the world and being a product compatible with the customer’s delivery business is our top priority.

Onro team at office

How Is the Story Behind Onro?

In December of 2019, Onro made its debut. Given our five years of expertise designing shipping software for on-demand delivery services, postal services, and taxi-booking services, we were aiming to launch a SaaS in this field at the time.

We chose to build a product that fits the demands of many enterprises in this industry at the time, as we were aware of the obstacles in the field of last-mile delivery.

Of course, we now know that there are still companies in this industry for whom Onro is not the best solution. However, we believe that different last-mile delivery businesses have many common needs. That part of the process that differentiates them may also be seen with a flexible product implementation.

Today, more than two years after its inception, Onro has been trusted by experienced Last Mile Delivery Businesses around the world.

Onro Customers Map

Our Core Values

Onro, like many other services, is built around a set of beliefs and principles. If these principles and ideals do not exist in Onro and are not upheld, Onro has strayed from its course.

We don’t insist on Onro values being true or false because they don’t describe items having true or false attributes. But, like any other private collection that is not reliant on public funds, we recognize our legal obligation to uphold these principles and objectives.

At Onro, the sales procedure is similar to a consultancy company. We offer a free Onro demo and organize online meetings with our sales professionals to review the customer’s company needs before using the Onro premium service.

When our sales specialists identify that Onro is the perfect answer for the customer’s business, they build a partnership. Otherwise, we will not collaborate with the customer to avoid causing harm to their business, and the Onro product development roadmap will not be jeopardized.

Given that Delivery software is built for customers’ core business, we believe it requires a different level of support than other SaaS. Quick help is critical because disruptions to this software might disrupt vital customer business activities.

That’s why we’re devoted to providing timely responses and follow-up on assistance, and we’re working hard to expand our business without sacrificing the quality of our service.

Product development at Onro is a continuous process. A new version of Onro with new features and optimizations is released almost every month. The Onro product is built according to a roadmap that is changed based on user feedback.

The innovations and modifications that our customers want in Onro support are incorporated into the Onro roadmap and prioritized for implementation at the appropriate time.

One of the concepts and ideas we follow is not allowing non-essential features that are only needed by a particular customer and potentially diverting the product from its intended route to join the roadmap. It is done to protect the product’s UX and the development team’s time.

The earth is a trust that the future has given to us. As a result, we make every effort to maintain it. We also believe that other animals have feelings similar to humans and that brutal treatment is unacceptable.

Businesses that directly value the environment and animal welfare receive special attention from Onro.

Who Are Onro's Customers?

Onro customers might be any company with a delivery department or provide delivery services to others. These are some types of businesses that can use Onro:

On demand delivery companies can be our customers
On Demand Company
All food market places and restaurants are able to use Onro for their deliveries
Food Delivery
Pick up and delivery companies dispatch their orders by use of Onro
Pickup Company
All ecommerce businesses that have same-day delivery can be assisted by Onro
Courier services use Onro software for managing their orders
Courier Company
Beverages are using Onro facilities to boost their business
A Laundry business uses delivery software to automate its processes
pharmacies dispatch their orders using delivery software in order to deliver drugs

Tens Of Happy Customers Are Using Onro:

Some of the Onro customers (Their logos)

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