Assigning & Dispatching

After an order is placed, one or more drivers place it. This feature determines how the order is assigned. Onro provides all the assigning modes.
Assigning models can be done manually or automatically.

Assigning orders to the drivers using dispatcher
Drivers see the order locations using the map


The system finds the best driver for the job. A dispatching algorithm determines how the order is distributed in the automatic approach. A current example of the automatic algorithm may be seen here.

Based on the radius of the pick-up point, candidates are selected from among the available online drivers for the order. The order is then made available to these drivers, and the first one to accept it is assigned to it.

Note: that the driver’s acceptance time is limited.

Note: Radius, the number of candidates, and query time are managed from the admin dashboard.



In this method, It is necessary to select the driver manually.

In the standard manual procedure, the driver can accept or reject the order. The dispatcher will be notified if it rejects. A confirmation will also be aided.

Force Assign

Choosing this option will send the order directly to the driver, and it will appear on his order list.

Manual dispatching is one the methods to dispatch the orders

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