assigning feature


with the assigning feature in delivery software, we choose how to assign an order to a driver and the assignment process can be carried out automatically or manually.

When an order is registered, it is dispatched to drivers. Assignment is a feature that configures the settings affecting how an order should be assigned to drivers. The assignment process can be carried out either automatically or manually.

assigning feature

Auto Assigning

In the auto dispatching, the most suitable driver for the order is selected. An advanced dispatch algorithm determines the distribution of orders in this automated approach.

This algorithm takes multiple factors into account, such as radius and delay, to identify the optimal drivers. If the first set of potential drivers declines the order, this feature will then extend the offer to the next set of drivers.

auto dispatching feature dispatch orders automatically to the best drivers based on an advanced dispatch algorithm
manual assigning is a dispatcher feature that enables the operator to assign an order manually to a specific driver, also With the force assign feature order can be sent to a driver and can not be rejected by the driver
manual assigning feature

Manual Assigning

In the standard manual procedure, the dispatcher has the option to send the order for a specific driver. If the driver rejects the order, the dispatcher is promptly notified and a confirmation is provided.

Additionally, there exists a “force assign” feature option that allows the order to be directly sent to the driver, appearing on their order list. For force assign orders, drivers do not have the ability to reject them.


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