Communication & Webhook

Delivery companies may need to communicate automatically with a wide range of system actors and provide specific information to customers. For example, when a driver is performing an order, you may wish to send an SMS to the customer informing them of that driver's arrival time and location.
This feature was implemented specifically for sending the invoice to the customer if an order is successfully fulfilled.

How it works?

You can customize this feature, which is dynamic, to meet your specific needs by designing and altering your communication with the other system actors (customers, receiver, and driver)


When do you anticipate being able to send the message? (Triggers)

  • Arrival time of the driver at the pickup location 
  • Time to start the order by the driver
  • Order cancellation (driver, support)
  • Time to reach the destination
  • End of order
  • Update information (price, driver, status)
  • Time a drop-off

How May a Message Be Structured?

  • The driver’s name and phone number
  • Tracking link
  • Status of the order
  • Price 
  • Vehicle information
  • Order invoice 
  • Pickup and dropoff address

Which Channels (Paths) Are Used for Communication?

  • Time of arrival of the driver to the origin
  • Email
  • SMS
  • Notification
  • WebHook

To Whom Can You Deliver the Message?

  • The customer (order owner) – (Businesses or Individuals)
  • Pickup Contact 
  • Drop Off Contact
  • Driver
  • Company

Common Use Cases

These are some examples of how the feature functionality is used in practice.

When a driver receives a package or leaves the hub, send the link + driver's mobile number to the receiver over SMS and email.
Be sure to notify the pickup contact as soon as the driver arrives.
Sending the customer an SMS when anyone cancels an order.
Upon completion of the order, the customer will receive an email invoice.
A webhook should be used to call an API whenever order information is updated.
After getting the recipient's signature, the order information should be emailed to the package owner.

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