communication and webhook feature


communication module helps drivers and customers stay connected and engaged during the delivery process by informing every event through different messaging channels in the delivery process and sending them tracking links.

Delivery companies need an automated way to engage with customers and drivers. For example, during the delivery process, it’s really important to send a tracking link to customers. This important function is called “Communication” in the Onro system. It helps everyone stay connected and informed while a delivery is taking place.


How it works

You are able to define dynamic messages that you are going to send for customers and drivers. This customization empowers you to create communication approaches that perfectly align with your operational needs and enhance interactions among all involved parties.

communication and webhook feature works by defining dynamic messages that you are going to send for customers and drivers and customizing the time of sending a message, type of messages, type of channel for sending the messages, and type of recipients who receive the messages.
message trigger time feature

Specify the Trigger Time

You can specify the timing for sending each message through the Trigger feature. You can select from the below triggers:

  • Arrival time of the driver
  • Time to start the order by the driver
  • Order cancellation (driver, support)
  • Time to reach the destination
  • The end of the order
  • Information update (price, driver, status)
  • Time of the drop-off
with trigger feature specify when to send a message based on different events like:Arrival time of the driver at the pickup location, Time to start the order by the driver, Order cancellation (driver, support), Time to reach the destination End of order
with message format feature specify the predefined content of message including informations like driver’s details,Tracking link,Status of the order,Price,Vehicle information ,Order invoice, Pickup and drop off address
define message format feature

Define the Message Format

The message format refers to the predefined content of the message sent to customers, receivers, or drivers. This format encompasses key details like below:

  • The driver’s details
  • Tracking link
  • Status of the order
  • Price
  • Vehicle information
  • Order invoice
  • Pickup and drop off address
determine message channel feature

Determine the Channel

You have the option to choose the communication channel through which you’d like to send messages to your users. The available channels are listed below:

  • Email
  • SMS
  • Notification
  • Webhook
specify the channel you want to send message through it like Email, SMS, Notification, or Webhook
choose who can receive the message like Business Customer, Individual Customer, Driver, Pickup Contact,Drop off Contact
choose message recipient

Choose the recipient

Choose the recipient for the message you wish to send. The list of available recipients includes:

  • Business Customer
  • Individual Customer
  • Driver
  • Pickup Contact
  • Drop off Contact

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