Feedback & Reasons

Getting information from your customers and drivers allows you to understand better the state of your business and how different departments are functioning and take better action to deal with problems. The features collect and compile customer and driver feedback directly.

Feedback & Reasons

Driver rating and Feedback


When an order ends, the customer can rate and comment to the driver. A driver’s rate is the average rate he receives from customers.

Cancelation reasons

Whenever a consumer or a driver wants to cancel an order, there must be a reason. With Onro, you can display a list of default justifications and let them choose one. Both customers and drivers benefit from this feature.

Everything is Customizable

Companies may choose to establish their cancellation reasons based on their conditions. Due to this, the company manager can separately set cancellation reasons for the driver and customer. These reasons are dynamically displayed to the driver or client when an order is canceled.

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Onro will improve the operations of delivery businesses by providing a powerful and dynamic software solution. Businesses that have delivery services can speed up their operations and boost revenues easily.
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