feedback and reasons feature


feedback and reasons feature helps you to get customer and drivers feedback through applications with their rating and comment and facilitates the collection of feedback directly after each order completion or cancellation.

Gathering feedback from both your customers and drivers through surveys offers a comprehensive understanding of your business’s status. This valuable insight enables informed decision-making to effectively address issues. This feature facilitates the collection of feedback directly after each order completion or cancellation.

driver rating and feedback feature

Enhance Driver Performance Through Ratings and Feedback

After an order is completed, customers have the option to provide a rating and comment for the driver. The driver’s rating is the average score they receive from customers. This rating serves as a metric to assess the driver’s performance.

customers can rate and comment for driver after completing and canceling the order and this can can be helpful to check driver’s performance.
get driver and customer cancelation reasons after canceling an delivery order with the capability to write the reason or choose from predefined cancelations reasons.
discover cancellation reasons feature

Discover Cancellation Reasons

When either a customer or a driver cancels an order, it’s important to gather a reason for the cancellation. Through Onro, you can present a selection of predefined reasons, allowing them to choose one. Mining this data will help you improve your service.

customize cancellation reasons

Customize Everything

You have the flexibility to define cancellation reasons according to your business conditions. This allows you to individually configure cancellation reasons for both drivers and customers. These reasons are then dynamically presented to the driver or customer when an order cancellation

the ability to define and customize the predefined cancelation reasons based on delivery business conditions. these reasons are presented to the drivers and customers after canceling an order.

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