Onro Last Mile Delivery Software includes a driver app, a customer app, a dispatcher and an admin dashboard with many features.


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Driver app enables drivers to manage their orders.

Driver App

Drivers can manage orders in an efficient way through the Onro Driver App.


Your drivers can manage the orders, change the statuses, or complete the POD.

Your driver is able to optimize routes using driver app and find the best way for delivering packages.

Route Optimization

Your drivers can optimize routes that lead to reducing wasted time.

All tools your drivers need to accomplish the tasks.
Drivers can accept the scheduled orders and pick them up.


Scheduled orders will be shown in the driver app with the start date and time.

Third-parties navigation apps (GoogleMap and Waze) are integrated in the driver app.

GPS Navigation

Drivers use navigator apps like Waze and Google Map for each pickup or dropoff.

The Dispatcher panel has different features that you can utilize to automate your dispatch process.

Dispatcher Panel

Order Creation
Order Management
You dispatchers can create orders easily.
Order scheduling is available in the dispatcher panel.


Dispatchers can schedule orders for the next days and at specific times.

Cash on delivery is an option in the dispatcher panel.

Cash On Delivery

Dispatchers can select the cash-on-delivery options through the dispatcher Panel.

Optimize drop-off routes through the dispatcher panel.


Dispatchers can optimize the routes in the multi-drop orders.

Bulk import is one of the most important features of the dispatcher panel.

Bulk Import

Dispatchers can upload a CSV file containing order information as a bulk file.

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Customer App

with choosing cash on delivery by customer, driver get money at dropoff

Cash On Delivery

The customer activates cash on delivery, driver collects the money at the dropoff.

Scheduling is available for customers in the customer app.


The customer schedules the order, the order will be dispatched later.

All customers can manage their orders through the customer application.
Different payment methods are implemented in the customer app.

Payment Methods

Different payment methods including Cash, Wallet, Card, and Receiver (cash).

Customers can enter the promotion code defined by your business.

Promo Code

You can define a promo code and your customers can use it in the customer app.

Admin dashboard will be introduced here.

Admin Dashboard

Driver Management
Service & Vehicle
Manage your drivers through the admin dashboard.
You can register your new drivers in the admin dashboard.

Driver Register

You can register your drivers and their documents through the admin panel.

Define new working types based on your business type.

Working Type

Working types determine how to work with drivers. You can define your working types.

Manage the withdrawl submitted by the driver.


Withdraw enables you to manage the driver’s withdrawal process.

Check the statistics of your business metrics.


Using this feature, you can monitor the performance of your drivers.

Onro superior Features


Develop your strategy to send smart notifications including every data using different channels like SMS, Email, Push Notifications, and Webhook.

Communication is feature that enables you to connect with your users.
Specify your pricing method, your customers will pay based on that.


Initiate pricing values so customers and drivers can see the price of the delivery orders.


Configure how to dispatch the orders to your drivers. The assignment process can be done automatically or manually.

Assigning orders to the drivers can be done manually or automatically using the dispatcher.

Address book

Enhance your user experience and improve the efficiency of your dispatchers by saving the most used customer addresses for use in future orders.

Communication is feature that enables you to connect with your users.
Dispatch orders based on zones using the zone feature.


If your operations span multiple cities, zoning enables you to effectively divide these areas.

Driver management provides different options to manage your drivers effectively.

Driver Managment

Onro offers a range of driver management features that empower you to oversee the fleet.


Your customers and drivers have their dedicated digital in-app wallets, providing a secure and convenient way to handle transactions and financial matters.

Wallet helps drivers and customers mange their transactions.
Customers and drivers can communicate in real-time using the real-time chat feature.

Real-time chat

Customers and drivers have the option to engage in a chat within a shared environment that is specifically tailored for each order.


Gather feedback from both your customers and drivers through surveys. This valuable insight enables informed decision-making to effectively address issues.

Gather usefull info about your customers and drivers.
Manage all users of your whole system in a one place.

User Management

User management is crucial for all multi-departmental businesses that require different access levels.

White label and Customizable

By the white-label feature you can customize logo, services, vehicles, zones, pricing, track page, apps, and more.
Customize your tracking page with your brand.

Track page

Enhance the customer experience with a custom tracking page and improve your visibility and transparency.

All driver and customer apps will be published under your brand in the markets.


Customer and driver apps will be published with your company brand in the google play store and apple app store.

Localize different sections of the last mile delivery software like sms provider, payment gateway, languages, and more.


Professional solution with flexible architecture for adding payment gateways, SMS providers, languages, and more.


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