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Onro Components

Dispatcher Panel

manage orders advanced

Driver App

accept and manage orders

Admin Dashboard

settings, analyze, and ...

Customer App

create and track orders

Driver App Core Features

Driver app (Android/iOS) for managing the orders in an efficient way

Orders Management

Managing orders in three tabs, Assigned (active, should be done), For-You (new order is shown to the driver on this tab), Orders (all orders that waiting for a driver, not assigned yet)

Scheduled Orders

Drivers can see the scheduled orders, and pick them up based on their future plan


Third-parties navigation apps (GoogleMap and Waze) are integrated for driver better performance

Easy to use and dynamic proof of delivery (POD) for every dropoff (destination) location

Digital Signature

Drivers can get a digital signature from the receiver on every destination separately

Adding Photo and Notes

In some cases, the recipient is not there, so the driver needs to take a photo of the delivery location with the package and upload it for records.

POD Showing to Sender
The sender of the parcel needs to know the status of his/her parcel delivery.

Clear and comprehensive statistics of driver functionality. Drivers can see their performance and efficiency with charts and graphical items.


Showing the performance of the driver with daily and monthly timeframes


If your drivers have income when they do orders and their income is based on their completed orders, this segment helps them to see how they act.

Wallet and Transactions

Online wallet and transactions based on driver activity by detail. No ambiguity, completely transparent

Realtime Chat

Drivers can chat with customers (recipients) in the application. no need to call, completely free.

Messages Box

Company’s admin can send notifications, news for drivers in their message box in the application.

Profile Management

Uploading identity documents, bank accounts, and other important information through applications makes operations fast and automated.

Shifts and more …

Dynamic shifts based on driver’s choice and lots of other features …

Statistics & Wallet
Chat & More

Customer App Features

Create Orders

Multiple different orders could be sent by the customer. place the order (re-request), too. Requests history and …


Different promotion (discount) codes based on circumstances could be used

Services & Vehicle Types

Based on your business, it could be different services. Customers can choose the service. Customers choose the type of vehicle to move their packages with


Some options provided by the company, like helper, insurance, round trip, etc

Different Payment Types and more …

Online and real-time chat between customer and driver reduces the cost of calling. It’s a better way to have the privacy of users. because there is no need to call

Predefined Messages

The predefined messages could be used for fast performance and it causes not to waste time. these messages defined and managed by the admin from the dashboard

Message Notifications

Chat new message notifications are different than others. because they have a high priority

Fast and Stable

Losing one message in this communication would have bad effects. for example, a driver waits for a long time

Tracking requests and drivers in real-time on the map. Valid and real-time data is important in tracking

Sharing Tracking Link

Customers can share a link to the recipient that contains the driver info, state of order, and the movement of the driver

Notifications for Changes

Any changes that happened to the order will notify the customer

ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival)

The accurate time of driver arrival shows on the tracking page and order’s detail page

Complete features for a professional service to customers

Schedule Orders

for every location (pickup or destination), customers can set a time window

Google/Facebook/Apple Registering

Third-parties authentication made it easy for customers to use the application.

E-Wallet Management (online top-up)

Multi Dropoff (Unlimited)

Download Order Receipt

Profile and More …/strong>

Tracking & ETA

Robust technology for large-scale operations and integration


Back-end Language / Admin Panel


Android Apps (Driver and Customer)


Back-end / Web Service
Rest API


Main Database


Secondary Datastore


Realtime Communication


iOS Apps (Driver and Customer)


Dispatcher Panel / Customer Panel


Container Engine / Deployement


Payment Gateway Integrated


Payment Gateway Integrated


SMS Gateway / OTP Integrated

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