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Run and manage better with a smart courier software

Different app for different users in the company

courier dispatch

Managing and tracking with delivery dispatch software

For operators and dispatchers that handle orders and drivers. all they need has been implemented

dispatch software

Auto dispatching and driver assignment

software courier

Drivers real-time monitoring

tracking app

Manage Business customers

courier dispatching software
courier application

Driver tracking with the Driver App

The stable and smooth driver application helps your couriers to do their jobs accurately without any confusion


Order management and filters


Proof of delivery (signature, photo, and notes)

tracking software

In-app real-time chat for costs reduction


Address navigation (third-party apps)

courier management software
admin panel module

Better courier management system with Admin Dashboard

tracking module

Analytics and reports

customers courier

Managing customers, drivers, and promotions


Pricing algorithms with different metrics

e-wallet driver

Financial reports, E-wallets transactions details

courier management software
customer application

Professional courier software with Customer App

Customers can create and monitor their orders with a white-labeled courier delivery app. Published on app markets with your company brand.


Multiple dropoff

dispatch software

Vehicle and parcel selection

courier application

E-allet management (online)


Realtime courier tracking

customer delivery application

Fully White-label Courier Software

The white-labeled courier management software helps your branding activities

Brand and Colors

The apps (both driver and customer) and web panels (admin and dispatcher) published with your company logo and brand name white label

Apps Publishing

Customer and Driver apps will be published with your own brand in Google Play Store and Apple App Store publish on markets

Domain Address

All web panels like admin dashboard, dispatcher panel, customer panel will be available on your chosen domain address custom domain

Some dynamic module

Here are some software modules that give you the power of configuring the system based on your specific business workflow

parcel type

Dynamic Services

A Service is a category that is provided in your business. any company can define unlimited servicess with different settings.

courier service type

Vehicle Types

A parcel should be delivered by a vehicle. A company may have multiple vehicles with different specifications and capacities. With this module, the Admin can create, manage and monitor the vehicle types in the platform.


Zoning and Multi-Zone Services

Developing the courier geographically managed by zoning module

white label software

Auto Dispatching Algorithms

For choosing the best driver for doing an order, we need to have a reliable mechanism. based on the pickup location, driver's shifts, capacity, and more. This is one of the best values of a delivery company for its customers.

fast timig


Add-ons like payment gateway, SMS provider, languages etc could be added to Onro with no limitation. because its architecture is designed for local companies.

management panel

Our Customer

Pickup Exress delivery (Malaysia)

Pickup is an on demand courier company run in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. This start-up services businesses and individual customers.

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onro courie software client

"They are professional and very supportive. Drivers like the app and that makes an advantage for our business. We don't think about having our technical team or developing the software by ourselves, Onro does all of it for us, and we focus on marketing and operations."


Amin Sadeghi,
Co-Founder and CEO

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