driver management feature

Driver Management

driver management is a delivery software feature that helps administrators and dispatcher operators monitor and manage vehicles and drivers by customizing vehicle type, driver working type, and registration and statistics.

Onro offers a range of driver management features that empower administrators and dispatcher operators to effectively oversee the fleet and enhancing overall management capabilities.

monitoring in dispatcher

Dispatcher Monitoring

The dispatcher panel provides the operator with a comprehensive list of all currently active drivers displayed on the map, along with a detailed list of orders. This interface allows dispatchers to effortlessly monitor both drivers and orders.

with the dispatcher monitoring feature operators can easily manage, track and monitor drivers along with their orders all in one place.
define different vehicle types with dynamic vehicle type features enables operators to choose specific pricing, designs, and options for each individual vehicle type.
vehicle type in driver management

Vehicle Type

To effectively handle the various vehicle types your drivers may use, it’s valuable to categorize them according to their respective kinds. This can be achieved using dynamic vehicle types. This feature enables you to establish distinct pricing, designs, and options for each individual vehicle type.

choose working type

Working Type

Financial interactions between drivers and the company are categorized according to working types, which can be defined through the admin dashboard.

A working type consists of two main elements: the Earning Model, which determines the driver’s financial relationship with the company through options like Commission Based, Per Order, or None, and the Data Presentation, which governs how information is presented to drivers, including order costs and earnings details.

categorizing Financial interactions between drivers and the company with a working type feature in the admin panel that includes elements like earning model and Data Presentation.
register driver information and monitoring drivers' performance with statistics in the admin dashboard will lead to better driver management
registration and statistics of drivers

Registration and Statistics

The Admin Dashboard offers a variety of management tools designed to facilitate driver management. One such tool is driver registration, which provides features for collecting essential documents and licenses.

Additionally, the dashboard includes a feature for accessing driver statistics, allowing you to monitor their performance metrics.


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