order pricing and fees feature

Order Pricing and Fees

The pricing feature empowers you to specify and customize the delivery order pricing and courier service order fee based on the different parameters like vehicle parameters and service parameters, and the order price are shown to customers and drivers in applications.

Your courier service enforces a fee for each order processed. As customers place their orders, they should be presented with the associated price, which they need to pay accordingly. The pricing feature empowers you to oversee order pricing effectively.

changing vehicle options changing price calculation


Defining vehicles in the software includes parameters and options that are useful for calculating the price of orders.

changing in service options can effects on price calculation.


A service includes options and parameters that can be selected to be taken into account in the calculation.

add surcharge to prices to cover additional costs like entrance tolls


In the pricing feature, surcharges can be added to prices to cover additional costs, such as entrance tolls.

determine coefficients dynamically change the price during the specified time.

Distance Coefficient

The coefficients are fully dynamic and can increase the price of orders during the times you specify.

choose vehicle parameters feature

Vehicle Parameters

For each defined vehicle, you establish parameters that have an impact on the pricing structure. Some examples of these parameters are outlined below:

  • Minimum of base fare
  • Price of order duration
  • Price of distances
  • Multi drop-off coefficient
  • Price of options
  • Schedule coefficient
  • Constant costs
  • Surcharges
you can change vehicle parameters like Minimum of base fare,Price of order,duration,Price of distances,coefficient,Price of options ,Schedule,coefficient,Surcharges that are effective on the pricing.
set parameters for every specific service influence the pricing arrangement
service parameters feature in pricing

Service Parameters

For every specified service, you can set parameters that influence the pricing arrangement. Here are a few examples of these parameters:

  • Distance Coefficient
  • Price of options
  • Price of service
  • Surcharge

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