Address Book, Faster Booking

When customers use duplicate addresses, it is best to use software that saves the addresses once and is available at the time of registration to speed up the order creation process. Both the customer and the dispatcher operator can access and maintain saved addresses.


How it works?

The address book of each customer comprises a database of stored addresses with comprehensive information. Customers have access to these addresses during the order submission process to choose the address they want to use for pickup or drop off from the address book. Businesses will benefit more from this option.

System administrators can also manage customer address book through the admin panel.

The address book is a well-designed feature implemented to save duplicate addresses

Default pickup address

There’s a chance that some business customers will continuously send their orders using a pickup address since they have a permanent location. The pickup address is now selected by default when a consumer submits a new order.

Modify Pickup Permissions

In some cases, the customer must continuously send his orders from a specified (predetermined) pickup address. By making all orders via one location, you prevent him from changing the pickup address.


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