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address book let you save customer addresses in dispatcher
You may have customers who frequently utilize your services. To enhance their user experience and improve efficiency, it is advisable to save their addresses for use in future orders. To facilitate this, Onro offers a feature that allows the saving of customer addresses. This feature brings advantages to both Dispatchers and Customers.
how it works

How it Works?

The address book feature is seamlessly integrated across the Dispatcher Panel, Customer App, and Admin Dashboard. Within the Customer App, customers can conveniently save an address, which remains accessible for subsequent uses.

Moreover, the Admin Dashboard empowers administrators to save addresses on behalf of customers, with the added flexibility of designating them for use within either the Dispatcher Panel or the Customer App.

how address works? operators can save customer addresses in dispatcher panel, customers can save address in customer app. The address book is a well-designed feature implemented to save duplicate addresses
business customer can save an address as default pickup address with address book
default pickup address

Default Pickup Address

For your business customers who frequently place orders with specific pickup locations, we offer a convenient solution. They can save and set an address as the default pickup address.

By utilizing this feature, there’s no necessity to repeatedly input the pickup address for each order. This feature enhances their overall experience, streamlining the process and making it more efficient.


Modify Pickup Permissions

In certain scenarios, a customer may need to consistently dispatch orders from a pre-designated pickup address. Trough this feature, the customer is restricted from altering the pickup address.

This approach ensures the continuity of using the pre-designated pickup address for all orders.

with pick up permission in address book, Trough this feature, the customer is restricted from altering the pickup address.

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