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Connect your food ordering platform or restaurant’ POS to the most powerful Food Delivery Software. Automate your delivery operation and track everything to fulfill and satisfy your customers.

A complete food delivery software
Customers of Onro food delivery software
Customers of Onro by countries
Mustafa from USA - Owner of Catringo.
Mustafa Sakalli,

Catringo – USA

We needs to be active always and having support from Onro helps us to focus on other stuff in our company because they take care of the software.

Bogdan Termure - CEO and founder of HiO - Romania
Bogdan Termure, 

HiO – Romania

The most important thing for us to choose Onro is we get instant support, this allows us to be focused on managing.

Mohammad Habul - CEO of WEE Delivery - Jordan
Mohammad Habbul, 

VEE Delivery – Jordan

Our on-demand business is based on Onro, the system’s flexibility and support we are given is something hard to find in this industry.


Create and manage delivery orders

For operators and dispatchers that handle orders and drivers. All they need has been implemented.

A full feature dispatcher for a powerful food delivery software

Gain the trust of your customers by
Cash On Delivery

Using the Cash On Delivery your customers can pay at door to couriers and then you will pony with drivers later.

Cash on delivery works in the food delivery software

Restaurant Portal

Restaurants delivery made easy

Restaurants can place their delivery orders using a well-designed web portal. Restaurant Portal is white-label and we will customize it for your brand.

A panel for restaurants to collect their orders

Create apps with your brand

choose on-demand delivery system brand
Logo and brand

Your brand will be used in the whole applications and sections.

Logo of the onro customer
white-label on-demand delivery software service type
Service ,vehicle and ....

All Icons like services and vehicles will be designed based on your brand.

Vehicles can be customized
Fully white-label solution for delivery businesses
choose on-demand delivery system brand

Choose your colors and we'll customize applications based on it.


Portals and applications are available with your business domain.

Boost your business

with the most advanced food delivery software

Pricing feature helps you define a pricing strategy


Initiate pricing algorithm values using the Admin Dashboard and then customers and drivers can see the price of the delivery orders.

Tracking the driver on the map by track link

Tracking Page

Customers can track the orders and drivers on the map using a branded Tracking Page. The tracking link can be sent by sms to customers.

Proof of delivery is an important feature of the food delivery software

Proof Of Delivery

Proof of delivery includes sign, image and note taken by drivers. Customers, dispatchers and Admins can see the result of proof of delivery.

Sending SMS, push notification, email, etc using the communication module


Develop your strategy to send smart notifications include every data using different channels like SMS, Email, Push Notifications, and Webhook.

You can hire drivers or work with them as freelancers

Working Type

Work with drivers with different models. Your drivers can be freelancers or they can work in your business by paying a commission.

ETA increases transparency and improves customer experiences


Estimated time of arrival is a critical feature that your customers need. Customers can make plan based on the ETA that the software provides.

Every Tool You Need

With your desired brand

Customer App

Strengthen your customer base

Android and iOS Customer Applications provided with your brand to increase your customers and satisfy them.

Your customer base can be powerful with a white-label customer app

Driver App

Automate your courier process

Your drivers work more efficient with powerful driver applications that are provided for both Android and iOS platforms.

Your drivers will be happy if you give them a powerful tool
Admin dashboard is designed for you to manage your delivery business

Admin Dashboard

Manage Your Business

Manage and configure your business using a powerful Admin Dashboard. You can define services, vehicles, zones, new pricing policies, new communication strategies, and etc.

We do more than software

With your desired brand

We will deploy your application very fast
Fast Deploy

If you choose white label plan, we will deploy all application during 2 weeks maximum.

We will publish your applications in the app markets

We will publish the applications on the Google play and App store markets immediately.

Our support is instant and fast response

Our customers know us for our instant support. We take care of the software 24/7 of the year.

The frequently questions are here

Frequent Questions

The stable and smooth driver application helps your couriers to do their jobs accurately without any confusion

A Food Delivery Software helps restaurants and food businesses streamline and manage their deliveries. Typically, food businesses connect their food ordering system to the food delivery software and dispatch their orders to the drivers using the Dispatcher Panel.

Restaurants, caterings, food ordering platforms, supermarkets, beverages, groceries, and other all businesses that deliver something to the customers can use this software.

Cash on delivery, proof of delivery, pricing, and ETA are some of the important major features of a food delivery software. Onro is a full-featured delivery management software with a lot of features. If you want to test a complete solution, get a demo access please.

We have already integrated some food ordering systems like Gloriafood, ezCater, etc. If your ordering system is not integrated with Onro, we will provide APIs and collaborate to integrate it.

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