The Future of Food Delivery: Trends and Predictions

From virtual assistants and in-car ordering systems to robotic vans and eco-friendly deliveries.

Understanding the future of food delivery is vital for you. With digital orders generating nearly $27 billion in annual sales, it’s not something you can afford to ignore. But having food delivery software to process orders from smartphones is no longer enough to cover the digital ordering market. This comes as several other types of digital and mobile ordering are becoming increasingly popular.

The global development of the industry goes hand in hand with changes in the lifestyle of generations Y and Z, primarily those living in megacities. Millennials, and especially the generation Z, are familiar with technology, are accustomed to breakneck speeds, and are willing to spend money on buying free time—the most valuable resource for them. These people do not have stable preferences when choosing food. 

They strive for comfort and want to instantly get what they want. Why save up for your own car if you can use the app and get a taxi at your door in 10 minutes? Why clutter your apartment with mops when you can invite a cleaning service? Why spend valuable hours of your life preparing a pot of dinner when you can order different fresh food every day at a time convenient for you?

1. Virtual Assistants

Virtual assistants are becoming very popular, so you need to take advantage of this opportunity while the market is still untapped. Only a handful of pizzerias have attempted to deploy a virtual assistant to take orders.
Having an AI system take voice commands and send them to your POS system will save time and provide a higher level of accuracy. This also makes it easier for customers to place delivery orders while they are on the go.

2. Order in the Car

Speaking of being on the move, some pizza chains are now allowing customers to order while driving. This is possible by combining the in-vehicle ordering system with the vehicle’s touchscreen display. It displays a menu that the customer can navigate safely while driving. They can time the delivery so that the order arrives at their home at the same time.

3. Using Robotic Vans

The Robomart van, developed by the California startup of the same name, has neither a steering wheel nor a driver: the minimalist electric minivan is a simple grocery store on wheels. The company has entered into a partnership agreement with a grocery store chain: Robomart expects to deploy a network consisting of remote-controlled trucks sent from a single dispatch center to the required areas. Robomart’s business strategy involves concluding contracts with other retailers and subsequent leasing of remote-controlled mobile stores.

4. Eco-friendly Delivery

To help save the environment, many restaurants are now offering more environmentally friendly delivery options. Here are two key changes you can make to position your company as a greener brand.

5. Green Transport

If your delivery team is made up mostly of teenagers driving 10-year-old used Honda Civics, then it won’t be a green enough system. That’s why you should reduce your carbon footprint and help attract environmentally conscious customers. You can do this by switching to bike messaging or purchasing hybrid or electric cars for your drivers.

Upgrade Your Food Delivery System Today

By innovating in the food delivery industry, you will never give customers a reason to order from your competitors. That’s why you need to embrace the new and successful delivery trends that are shaping the future of the entire food industry. Whether you work in one place or across the chain, you will need to do certain things. This includes using our own food delivery software. We recommend everyone get a free demo of our food delivery software designed by Onro.

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The ready-to-eat food delivery market can be divided into two sub-segments – orders from the phone and orders using Internet resources. The increase in search queries for ready-made food delivery services indicates an increase in consumer interest and even suggests that the crisis in the ready-made food delivery market will be overcome before it occurs in the entire public catering market as a whole.
Some cafe and restaurant owners from all around the world live without delivery. A situation that is difficult and miserable to imagine in developed markets, where ordering food to go or simply having it delivered to your home is commonplace. Delivering food on time requires impeccable logistics and customer service. That is why smart food delivery services launch their own delivery services by using Onro.

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