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Experience the easy way to manage deliveries! Our delivery management software gives your business the tools to achieve better deliveries, saving money, boosting revenue, and improving customer service.

Delivery management software will optimize your operation, save your money, and boost your revenue.
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Swiftee is an on demand courier business operates in the UK. Swiftee uses Onro for managing their couriers and dispatchers.
Rappid is a same-day courier service in the United States. They use Onro as a courier software.
Kerry express uses Onro for managing their delivery process and optimize their processes in Philippines.
Sprint is a delivery company provide courier and delivery services in Egypt. Sprint is powered by Onro.
Hio is a last mile delivery business active in Romania. Their goal is to revolutionize the courier industry in Romania.
Floti provides last mile delivery services in El Salvador and use Onro to optimize their operations and processes.
FabBud is an express and same-day courier company in Nepal that manages its delivery operations through Onro.
MayDay Courier is a customer of Onro in the US that uses Onro to manage orders and deliveries efficiently.
Reflex Courier is a courier service in the Canada that uses Onro as a white label solution.
Delivery dispatch sotware with auto dispatching feature provides useful tools for managing orders efficiently.
Auto Dispatching


Automate manual tasks like order entry and dispatching to save time and eliminate human errors through our delivery dispatch software.

Auto dispatching will help your dispatchers assign orders automatically.


With auto dispatching, orders will be assigned to drivers automatically.

Manual driver assigning and dispatching enables your dispatchers dispatch orders manually.


With manual dispatching, dispatchers assign orders to the drivers.

Force assignment enables you assign tasks to your drivers and force them to do it.


With force assign, drivers will be forced to accept and complete orders.

Real-Time Tracking


Leverage real-time delivery tracking software for fast adjustments and seamless coordination of deliveries, enhancing overall efficiency and transparency.

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Real time tracking enables you to track every delivery throuth status and GPS tracking.
Route optimization will optimize your orders in the driver app and helps drivers optimize the path.
Route Optimization


Maximize efficiency and minimize costs using advanced routing algorithms for optimal route optimization through powerful delivery management software.

Customer App


Our delivery management software offers seamless order management and real-time updates, ensuring happy customers and increased loyalty.

Customer application for Android and iOS is one the components of the delivery management software
Proof of delivery in the driver app enables your drivers to provide picture, note, and sign when delivering orders.
Proof Of Delivery


Empower your business with our delivery management software's robust features, including proof of delivery, to ensure transparency in every step of the delivery process.



Leverage the power of Notifications, SMS, Email, VoIP, and Real-time Chat to enhance communication with Customers and Drivers.

Channels like SMS, notifications, Emails. etc can be used to connect your business to your customers.


Tens of delighted customers worldwide.

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B2B customers that are using our delivery management software.
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"Onro is really useful for our business because they provide a powerful platform with a great support. The reason we changed to use Onro Software is that the software is more modern, smoother, and easier to use, especially the support is really good."

Mut Pheakdey
OTO Express, Cambodia
OTO, a customer of Onro, provides same day serivces in Cambodia.

"We tried a lot of last mile delivery software and all of them failed at the support. If you choose Onro, you will have the best support you will ever encounter, very fast deploy and any small bugs addressed instantly."

Bogdan Termure
HiO, Romania
Hio, one the Onro's customers, presenting delivery services in Romania.

"We shifted completely to Onro because their excellent customer support. The team takes our suggestions carefully and their response time is on point. Flexibility and being able to solve our biggest problem of automation is also one of the key reasons for the switch."

Feroz Ghulam Mohamed
Pick&GO, Singapore
Pick and go is using Onro for optimizing dispatch operations.

"Onro has enabled our local delivery business to reach more customers! Instead of just phone orders, we can accept multiple orders from multiple clients at a time. It has automated our delivery process, from payment to scheduling."

Mike Read
Bristol County Couriers, United States
Bristol County Couriers is a local delivery business in the United States that is utilizing Onro.

"Onro is the backbone of Get It Picked. Providing everything we need from the backend as well as the front end for customers and drivers."

Ramandeep Singh
Get It Picked, Canada
Get It Picked provides last mile delivery services in Canada.

"Onro’s platform works very well in inserting orders and looking for drivers. Onro has solved our technology problem which works with great customer support."

Javier Zabaneh
Floti, El Salvador
Floti is a last mile delivery service provider in El Salvador.

"Onro enables us to provide a complete tech solution to our food, groceries, and light-trucking customers."

Mohammed Deif
Sprint, Egypt
Sprint is providing last mile delivery services in Egypt and the middle east.

"Onro allows us to operate smoothly as a business. It's so convenient when customers can enter their pick up and drop off address. The platform is tailored specifically to suit our business and it puts everyone at ease with the security features. That’s why our customers trust us."

Richmond Kwame Frimpong Asiedu
Parcel Beep, Ghana
Parcel Beep is a pickup and delivery business in Ghana that is using Onro for managing their orders.
Other Features


A delivery management system tailored for your business, packed with the essential features you need.

Barcode scanning is designed for businesses to easily generate shipment labels.

Barcode Scanning

Create shipping labels automatically to track packages and orders across the delivery process.

Learn Morelearn more about barcode scanning
cash on delivery feature is designed for businesses that receive cash at the customer doors.

Cash On Delivery

Your customers can pay at the door. Your drivers collect the money when delivering. Work with stores and restaurants easily.

Learn Morelearn more about cash on delivery software


Our delivery management software will be delivered to you with your brand, domain, logo and colors.

Learn Morelearn more about white-label delivery software
white-label Delivery management software would be prepared with your logo and brand.


Your customers and drivers can rate to the orders, you'll find the pain points and improve your service.

Learn MoreLearn more about the feadback and reasons feature.
Survey from your customers can help you find the bottle necks of your services.
customer see the price of order in the delivery management software.


Your customers will see the price of the orders based on your pricing strategy.

Learn MoreLearn more about the pricing algorithm.
Delivery software real-time chat for customers and drivers.

Real-time Chat

Customers and drivers can coordinate using the in-app real-time chat feature freely.

Learn MoreLearn more about the real-time chat.


Connect our delivery management software with your existing tools. Experience the power of integration.

Integrations of our delivery management software with other platforms provide facilities to connect your business to other tools. View All Integerations


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The delivery management process is a step-by-step approach used by businesses like courier services, e-commerce, retail, and restaurants to deliver goods to customers' doors. It's a well-organized system that ensures timely deliveries, making it easier for everyone involved.

Delivery management software is a comprehensive solution that incorporates various software components and features designed to streamline the entire delivery process. By leveraging the power of technology, this software simplifies, automates, and optimizes delivery management, ensuring efficient and smooth operations for businesses.

Absolutely, our delivery management software is well-suited for food deliveries. Whether you're managing a restaurant's in-house deliveries or coordinating a third-party food delivery service, our software offers the features and tools needed to optimize the entire process. To see all features, please visit our food delivery software.

Delivery tracking software is an important part of a complete delivery management system, which handles all aspects of deliveries. Tracking is a key feature that allows real-time monitoring of drivers and orders. With Onro's user-friendly delivery management software, customers can effortlessly track their orders and drivers using the customer app or tracking page, ensuring clear visibility throughout the delivery process.


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