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delivery management software

Delivery Software Key Features

Onro delivery management software features that make your business more intelligent and powerful

Order management in a delivery management software

Order Management

With the order management feature, you can monitor driver performance and manage your business.

Scheduling delivery management software


With the scheduling feature, you and your customers can plan by booking your orders in advance.

Auto dispatch delivery management software

Automatic Dispatch

Utilize your time and human resources and build a better user experience using automatic dispatch. The order will be matched with the closest driver (the order will be dispatched to the nearest driver).

Delivery management dispatcher component
realtime tracking delivery management software

Tracking in real-time

Customers can track their parcels' route and location and get an Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) by using this option.

realtime messaging delivery management software


Communication module provides free and instant communication between users. Using communication feature, You can create custom alerts customers, receivers, and drivers.

feedback delivery management software

Feedback & Survey

Using customer feedback, you can survey the customers and get their feedback about orders, and you can turn those feedbacks to business impact, which helps increase customer loyalty.

delivery management software features

Onro Around the World

Trusted By Experienced Last Mile Delivery Businesses

Our customers around the world.
Cartingo delivers food for restaurants in United States


United States

Catering delivery service in the USA for several years.

Yoni is a customer of Onro that provides delivery services in Senegal



First delivery startup in Dakar that provides food delivery service for restaurants.

Hello-courier is a customer of Onro that provides delivery services in Kenya



Hello Courier provides Hourly Hire, Same Day and On-Demand delivery services in Nairobi.

VEE Delivery provides delivery services in the Jordan

VEE Delivery


More than 4 years being active in next-day delivery service + on-demand delivery service.

OTO is one of our customers that works in Cambodia



Same-day and On-demand delivery service in Cambodia.

Emrazgo in Malaysia provides delivery services for businesses



Affordable last-mile delivery service with different services in Kuala Lumpur.

Loco in Malaysia uses Onro to automate its delivery processes



Last-mile delivery in Kuala Lumpur for e-commerces and online stores.

Doorpost uses Onro delivery management software in Australia



Sydney delivery service for businesses and individuals.

Pickup works with restaurants in Malaysia and using Onro to manage its orders

Pickup Express


Pickup is an on-demand courier company run in Kuala Lumpur with more than 30000 users and +10000 drivers.

HiO in Romania works with restaurants and food deliveries using Onro delivery software



Delivery partner of FoodPanda, Takeaway, and other food delivery platforms. Running in Romania.

Missinn Aklo, CEO of Yoni in senegal

Mustafa Sakalli | CEO

United State

"The most important thing for us to work with Onro is that whenever we have issues with apps or Technical problems their team is here to help and solve them ASAP. Onro helps us to focus on other stuff in our company because they take care of the software."

Bogdan Termure, Co-founder and CEO of HiO in Romania

Bogdan Termure | CEO


"We tried a lot of last mile delivery software and all fail at support. If you choose Onro you have the best support you will ever encounter, very fast deploy and any small bugs addressed instantly"

Erick Moriasi, CEO of Hello courier in Kenya

Erick Moriasi | CEO


"I must say ONRO have an OUTSTANDING technical team. We have been able to achieve a major milestone in this initiative so quickly because of the undying dedication that your team maintained throughout the project cycle"

Onro last mile delivery app Onro last mile delivery platform

Dynamic Services

Onro Delivery Management Software let you define different services dynamically based on your needs. Also, you can define and manage service options such as set weight, fragile, need-packed, essential parcels.

The ability of creating dynamic parcels in Onro delivery management software

Dynamic Vehicle Types

Set up and manage vehicle types according to your particular preferences. Options such as a round trip and a helper's need could be set up and managed dynamically by system administrators.

The ability of creating dynamic service types in Onro delivery management system

Automate your delivery operations


Feature of Auto dispatching and driver assignment

Auto dispatching and driver assignment

The ability of Order creation and management

Order creation and management

The feature of Monitoring Drivers in real-time

Drivers real-time monitoring

Driver App

Filters power admin, drivers and customers to manage orders better

Order management and filters

By Onro driver app, drivers can find best routes using Google map and waze

Waze and Google Map navigations

Using POD feature, drivers can capture the receiver signature

Get receiver signature

In the customer app, POD information will be shown in order to provides transparency

Show POD information to the customer

Customer and driver can chat in real-time using Real-time chat feature

Realtime chat with customer

Revenue statistics will be shown to drivers by daily and monthly

Daily and monthly cash revenue

Customer App

Manage orders using delivery software

Manage Orders

Vehicle selection

Vehicle selection

Online payment is one of the payment methods of a delivery management software

Online payment

Realtime chat with driver

Real-time chat with the driver

Driver app sends the exact location of drivers

Monitor drivers real-time location

ETA of drivers is shown to customers

Estimate driver arrival time

Admin Dashboard

Analytics and reports provide administrative flexibility

Analytics and reports

Managing customers and promotions is crucial to delighting customers

Manage customers and promotions

Admin can manage orders and drivers using dashboard

Manage drivers and orders

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By facilitating communication between customers, drivers, and the company, delivery management software improves businesses.

All businesses that provide delivery services can use delivery management software to improve their services.

You can use the demo version of the Onro delivery management software, and your software will be ready in two weeks, max.

Saving time and money is possible when you use delivery management software, reduce costs, increase revenue, and provide better services for your customers.

Yes. We design the facilities based on the needs of businesses, and it is always possible to update and change the software

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