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Use affordable, real time and efficient delivery management software, make your business more powerful in a short time, reduce costs, boost revenue and improve customers services.

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delivery management software

Delivery Software Key Features

onro delivery management software features that
make you smarter and more powerful

delivery management software order management

Order management

With the order management feature, you can monitor driver performance and manage your business

scheduling delivery management software


With the schedule request feature, you can plan ahead by booking your request ahead of time/ in advance

auto dispatch delivery management software

Automate Dispatch

Using this feature you can make the most of your time and human resources and build a better user experience. by selecting this option the request will be matched with the closest driver (...the request will be dispatched to the nearest driver)

delivery management dispatcher
realtime tracking delivery management software

Real time tracking

This option allow your customers to track their parcel route and location and know the estimated time of arrival

realtime messaging delivery management software

Real Time communication

This feature provides free and instant messaging between customer and driver. using this one they can make required coordinations.

feedback delivery management software

Customer feedback

customer feedback is actually customers rate to their request and ,you can turn those feedbacks to business impact which help drive customer spend and loyalty

delivery management software features

Dynamic parcels

Onro delivery management software features that make you smarDefine different types of parcels and packages dynamically based on your needs. Also, you can define and manage parcel specifications such as set weight, fragile, need packed, important parcels, and etc.

delivery management software

Dynamic service types

define and manage service types based on your specific preferences. additional services like a round trip, need helper, and etc, could be defined and managed dynamically by the admin of the system.

delivery management system

Automate your delivery operation management


software delivery managment

Auto dispatching and driver assignment

delivery tracking software

Request creation and management

delivery managment app

Drivers real time monitoring

Driver App

delivery management software app

Request management and filters

delivery management software

Waze and google Map navigations

software delivery managment

Get receiver signature

software delivery managment platform

Show POD information to the customer

delivery management software system

Realtime chat with customer

delivery management software platform

Daily and monthly cash revenue

Client App

Manage requests delivery software

Manage requests

Vehicle selection delivery management software

Vehicle selection

Online payment delivery management software

Online payment

Realtime chat with driver

Realtime chat with driver

driver app delivery management software

Monitor driver`s real time location


Estimate driver arrival time



Analytics and reports


Manage customers and promotions


Manage drivers and requests

Pickup Exress delivery (Malaysia)

Pickup is an on demand courier company run in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. This start-up services businesses and individual customers.

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"They are professional and very supportive. Drivers like the app and that make an advantage for our business. We don't think about having our technical team or developing the software by ourselves, Onro does all of it for us, and we focus on marketing and operations."


Amin Sadeghi,
Co-Founder and CEO

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A delivery management software improves businesses by creating better communication between stores, drivers and customers.

All businesses that provide delivery services can use a delivery management software to improve their services.

You can use the free version of onro Delivery Management software for 2 weeks and your software will be ready one week after signing the contract.

By using a delivery management software, you can save your time and human resources, reduce costs, increase revenue and provide better services for your customers.

Yes .We design the facilities based on the needs of businesses and it is always possible to update and change the software