zoning feature


zoning feature provides a means to define the geographical areas of delivery service where specific vehicles and services can be assigned to specific zones.

The Zoning feature serves as a tool for defining the geographical areas where your services are available. If your operations span multiple cities, it also enables you to effectively divide these urban areas.

you can define separate cities with zone feature

Separation of Cities

You can differentiate between cities or zones where you operate separately on a map.

you can specify a zone for operating a service

Separation of Services

In the service specification, you can specify the zones in which a service operates.

each zone can have its vehicles and you can assign vehicles to zone

Separation of Vehicles

In vehicles, you can designate zones. A set of vehicles can be assigned to each zone.

by defining price per service and vehicle each zone has its separate price

Separation of Pricing

Prices are defined per service and vehicle so each zone can have its own price.

defining zones in zone feature

Defining Zones

To start setting up the system, you need to define what we call a “zone.” This is like drawing a map of the area where you’ll provide your services. You can make the zone cover an entire city or just a small part of it, depending on your needs.

After defining the zone, you can use it in other parts of the software to make everything work smoothly. Usually, different towns are divided into these zones to help organize and manage your services better.

define zones for cities or smaller parts of a city by drawing maps of areas where you provide delivery service and it can help to manage different areas efficiently.
binding services to areas let you specify which areas cover your services and this provides flexibility in providing different services based on specific areas or cities.
zoning feature for services

For Services

Once you’ve set up a Zone, you can decide which areas your services will cover. This means that customers within the Zone you defined will be able to see and order those services.

For example, you could offer both food and document delivery in City A, while in City B, you might offer only document delivery. This feature gives you the flexibility to tailor your services to different locations.

zoning feature for vehicles

For Vehicles

The Admin Dashboard gives you the ability to allocate vehicles to specific zones. Imagine having a motorbike courier and a pickup truck in City A, and a larger truck in City B. When defining each vehicle, you can indicate the Zones it belongs to.

Depending on these settings, customers using the app in different zones will only see the vehicles designated for their particular area, ensuring efficient and localized service availability.

during defining vehicles you can specify which vehicle belongs to which zones which helps to have better localized service availability.
each zone can have its distinct pricing by specifying the parameters of vehicles and service for calculating pricing, and result in more flexibility and customization when you provide delivery service across multiple cities or areas
zoning feature for pricing

For Pricing

Each Zone can have its own unique pricing structure. This is achieved by configuring the pricing of services and vehicles within the system. Essentially, the pricing details are linked to the parameters of services and vehicles, which are then used to determine the cost of an order.

As a result, each Zone can have a distinct pricing setup, especially if your services operate across multiple cities or areas, allowing for flexibility and customization to meet specific regional needs.

filtering based on zone


In the Admin Dashboard’s order, user, and driver sections, there’s a handy zone filter that enables you to view them from each location separately.

This feature simplifies the process of managing and monitoring orders, users, and drivers, ensuring that you can efficiently focus on specific zones as needed.

manage and monitor users, drivers, and orders efficiently by filtering them based on a zone or specific location in the admin dashboard

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