What is Zoning

The Zoning feature allows you to define the areas in which your services are provided. It also allows you to divide cities if you operate in more than one. Zoning is one of the most basic functions of Onro; it will enable you to divide service areas and other sectors.


How does it work?

Defining Zones

Setting up the system begins with defining the zone. It can be done by accessing the zoning section and using the editor to map out the area where the service will be delivered. You can define the zone as the entire city you operate in or just a tiny part of it. Then you can apply it to other aspects of the software. Different towns are typically divided into zones.


Once you have defined a Zone, you can specify the zones to which the service should be offered. Customers in the Zone you have defined will be able to see the services and place orders due to this. This option could, for instance, allow you to have food delivery and document delivery in city A and document delivery only in city B.


The admin dashboard allows you to assign vehicles to each zone. Imagine a motor courier and a pickup truck in city A and a truck in city B. On the vehicle definition, you can specify the Zones to which each active vehicle belongs. Depending on the settings, customers using the app in different zones can view vehicles that are designated for their area.


While pricing for Zones is not done directly, each zone can have its pricing. This is possible through the pricing of services and vehicles. As such, the parameters of services and vehicles have been designated in the order pricing. Therefore, each zone will have a different pricing structure, mainly if your service is spread across multiple cities.


Orders can be verified separately by zone since the zone is the main feature that separates everything. A zone filter is available in the management dashboard’s order and driver sections, so it’s possible to view the orders of each location separately.


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