Medical Courier App

A customizable Medical Courier App for managing the delivery of medical supplies, specimens, pharmaceuticals, and even transporting patients, using scheduling, on-demand, pickup and delivery workflows.

Medical courier app is a complete toolkit for your medical delivery operations.
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Which businesses is the Medical Courier App fit for?

Medical courier companies can increase their customer base using the Onro software.
Medical Courier Companies

Courier companies that exclusively provide medical courier services.

Specimen services can use it to improve their efficiency.
Specimen Pick up & Deliveries

Businesses that provide specimen pickup and delivery services.

Medical Laboratories

Laboratories that have their own fleet and carry out courier operations.

Medical suppliers use Onro as a medical courier app.
Medical Suppliers

Suppliers of medical goods that need software for their logistics.

Pharmacies can use the medical courier app to manage their deliveries.

Pharmacies that have couriers and delivery patients’ orders to their doors.

Onro medical courier app is useful for all businesses in the healthcare industry.
Healthcare Businesses

All healthcare businesses that have delivery operations.

Dispatcher Panel

step up your medical courier operations

One of the features of the Medical Courier App is the Dispatcher Panel, which you can use it to manage your main medical courier operations.

Dispatcher Panel helps your dispatcher manage deliveries and operations better.
Courier app is designed for your couriers to do driving operations effiecently.
Driver App

For your Medical Couriers

Equip your medical couriers with a complete toolkit to streamline driver workflows. Tens of features help your couriers work optimized using the most advanced medical courier driver app.

Customer App

for your Medical Clients

Your healthcare customers will have a unique experience in placing orders using the Customer App (Android, iOS, Web) that is prepared with your own brand.

Your medical clients can place their orders using a powerful white-label customer app.

Frequently questions

Medical courier business is a special type of courier business that focuses on logistics in the field of healthcare. Since healthcare transportation has its own specific requirements, setting up a dedicated courier business to provide services to this area can be profitable.

Starting a medical courier service has different steps that start from researching the local market and competitors to preparing a powerful medical courier software. We can help you in the process of starting a medical courier service.

To set up, if you want to publish the medical courier software with your own brand, we will take some information from you such as name, logo, color, etc. and then deliver the software to you and help you in publishing it in the app markets. Also, you can use our product knowledge base to learn how to set up and work with the software.

Nowadays, it is impossible to manage a medical courier business without strong technology-based tools. You can manage your medical courier services by using the facilities provided by the Onro software.

Onro is a cloud-based software that has all the components that a medical courier service needs. You can get a complete medical courier app with your own brand and use it to manage your medical courier service.

There are many features in the software that some of the most important of them are barcode scanning, proof of delivery, live ETA, live tracking, feedback, wallet, and price.

Onro is priced on a pay-as-you-go basis. That means you pay as much as you use it. To see the price plans, refer to the pricing page.

Onro’s support is 24/7 and as long as you are a customer of Onro, you will benefit from our support.

The quality of Onro’s support is one of its great advantages that its current customers always mention.

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