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Proof of delivery software includes pod apps, dispatcher panel and admin dashboard.
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Make sure that drivers have delivered.


Driver can receive a signature from the recipient using the Driver App. The signature is saved along with the order information.


Driver can use the photo option to photograph the recipient, the package, or the location to which the packet was addressed.


A note can be written by the driver when he needs to give a description. So, driver can record details about the order’s delivery.

Improve customer experience, operational and driver efficiency

You will improve the delivery experience for customers, drivers and workers by using a Proof of Delivery Software. Also, you can reduce costs and manage all your delivery operations using other features that are provided by proof of delivery software.

Proof of delivery driver apps for android and iOS.

Proof of Delivery Software for Your Drivers

Both Android and iOS Driver Applications have the features for taking photos, signatures, and notes.

The receiver would sign the application on the driver’s phone which is a modern replacement for classic documentation.

Drivers also can take a photo of the receiver or parcel and take a note for further information using the proof of delivery software.

Proof of Delivery Software for Your Customers

Images that are taken using the proof of delivery software in the driver app, such as the signature and photo, are available to the customer.

It improves transparency, so the customer can verify that the shipment is delivered to the intended recipient.

Proof of delivery is one of the most important features that can help you meet your customer expectations.

Pod customers apps for both android and iOS.
Admin dashboard can configure the settings of proof of delivery software.

Proof of Delivery Software for Managers

When the driver provides POD information for an order, you can see in the Admin Dashboard. POD data is an essential part of fleet management.

Proof of delivery can be enabled or disabled using the settings of Admin Dashboard. Drivers can access the POD at each drop-off if the POD is allowed. Admin also can make the recipient’s signature required or optional. In the required mode, the driver should obtain the recipient’s signature during the delivery.

A driver can be required to photograph or note each recipient and save their pictures and notes in the order information in the proof of delivery software if needed.

Proof of Delivery Software for Your Dispatchers

Dispatchers can see the proof of delivery information associated with orders, such as signatures, photos, and notes. Seeing such information in the Dispatcher Panel can significantly improve order monitoring.

Dispatcher users can see the pod information for each drop-off.

You also believe that good support is crucial?

Here is what our customers say about Onro support:

Mustafa from USA - Owner of Catringo.
Mustafa Sakalli,

Catringo – USA

The most important thing for us to work with Onro is that whenever we have issues with apps or Technical problems their team is here to help and solve them ASAP.

We needs to be active always and having support from Onro helps us to focus on other stuff in our company because they take care of the software.

Bogdan Termure - CEO and founder of HiO - Romania
Bogdan Termure, 

HiO – Romania

We used a lot of software like Bringg and Jungleworks, but they lack one thing after they onboard you. They just forget about you. They only send invoices and nothing else. You beg for support.

The most important thing for us to choose Onro is we get instant support, this allows us to be focused on managing.

Mohammad Habul - CEO of WEE Delivery - Jordan
Mohammad Habbul, 

VEE Delivery – Jordan

We have tried several on-demand delivery software, however, we could not find something that fits our needs, until we found Onro.

Our on-demand business is based on Onro, the system’s flexibility and support we are given is something hard to find in this industry.

The All-in-One Proof Of Delivery software you need to manage your whole business

Driver Application

Android and iOS Driver apps with a lot of features like order management, real-time chat, and barcode scanning can help you automate your operations.


The web app dispatcher panel with both an automatic dispatching algorithm and manual dispatching feature, can help you optimize your dispatching operation.

White Label Apps

All components such as customer apps, driver apps, dispatcher panel, track link, track page, and admin dashboard can be customized with your brand.

Admin Dashboard

Admin dashboard includes all features for managing your whole business. You can set up everything that is needed for your business.


You can track orders and drivers by using statuses and providing a tracking link and track page with your domain for your customers.

Cash On Delivery

Maximize your customers by help of cash on delivery management feature. Businesses can use your COD services if you provide it for them.

Barcode Scanning

Drivers, dispatch operators, customers and admins can track the shipments using a shipment label that is created by barcode scanning feature.


More than 40 integrations help you connect your business to other businesses and grow your network. We can develop new integrations if you need more.

The frequently questions are here

Frequently Asked

A challenge that closed delivery companies often come across is making sure the driver has delivered the parcel to the receiver and that package has been received. Being certain over this matter is necessary for either of the service provider and sender of the package.

This process is called Proof Of Delivery and is done by POD software.

In the second method, which is the cash on delivery, customer pay when they receive at the door.

In the past, the POD procedure was in form of a signature on the delivery paper. In some countries, this method is still being used by many companies. But today, innovative companies use E-POD to eliminate paper.

You can use Onro to set up a proof of delivery software. Onro is a comprehensive solution for automation, optimization and scalability of delivery businesses, which also has the ability to set up proof of delivery.

In Onro proof of delivery is an E-POD method that provides three ways for drivers in the driver apps. You can set up these methods using the Admin dashboard. These methods include signature, photo, and note.

Onro is not just a proof of delivery software. It is an all in one delivery software that tries to cover all last mile processes.

So by using it, you can manage your entire delivery process.

Onro helps you grow your business by using a variety of facilities provided for delivery businesses.

Onro is priced on a pay-as-you-go basis. That means you pay as much as you use it. To see the price plans, refer to the pricing page.

Onro’s support is 24/7 and the quality of Onro’s support is one of its great advantages that its current customers always mention.

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