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Provide delivery services with your brand for e-commerce, restaurant, pharmacy, supermarket, and every local business that has a delivery process. Onro helps you start delivery business easily.

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Choose Your Target Market and
Types of Delivery Services

Choose which types of delivery services you want to provide. Onro dynamic use cases let you cover all types of delivery services.

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Create Your Brand
Using Onro Fully White labeling


Start Delivery Business
from Setting up your Dispatch Process

The most important process in a delivery business is dispatching orders. Set up your delivery dispatch center using Onro’s powerful dispatch panel.

Train your Hired or Freelance Drivers
To Work with the Driver App

Driver App

Keep workflows running efficiently with automations. Onro Driver Apps (Android, iOS) will help you automate your main process and work efficient with your drivers.

Features like route optimization, proof of delivery, cash on delivery, wallet, and statistics in the driver app enable you to start delivery business and expand it.

All processes related to the drivers in your delivery business are automatic. Through the app, the driver can upload his documents and register, go online and start working, receive and fulfill orders, top up his wallet, and even chat with the customer.

Increase Your Customer Base
Using the Customer App

Customer App

Increase your customers using a powerful Customer App (Android, iOS, Web). Boost your customer acquisition using the promo codes and advertising notifications that are implemented in the Onro Customer Apps.

Delight your customers and fulfill their expectations using a lot of features like ETA, SMS, Tracking, and etc.

Based on our customers’ feedback that will be gathered using the customer app, you can find both the pain and good points, then lead your business to be grown.

Get Delivery Contracts
Using the Business Portal

Get delivery contracts with local businesses and give them the business portal that is provided with your brand.

Work with e-commerce and restaurants
Using the Cash On Delivery

Increase your B2B customers by
Cash On Delivery

Using the Cash On Delivery your customers can pay at door to couriers and then you will pony with drivers later.

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Start Delivery Business

To start delivery business, you need to research the local market. There are different workflows in the field of delivery. For example, you can work with restaurants, groceries, or other on-demand businesses, or provide same-day services to retailers. After the market research and specifying the target market, the name and brand should be chosen and then the company should be legally registered. After that, setting up a dispatch center and hiring dispatchers, then attracting drivers and at the same time signing contracts with customers should be done.

There are many local businesses that have a delivery process and you can attract them with advertising. One of the methods of attracting them is direct marketing in such a way that you prepare a list of them and directly enter into negotiations with them. If you create advantages for them, they will sign a contract with you and become your customer.

The dispatch process is the most important process of a delivery business that should be optimized at the starting of the delivery business. To run an optimised dispatch process, you will need a proper dispatcher software. Onro’s dispatcher panel automates and optimizes your dispatch process.

Whether or not starting a delivery business is right for you depends on several factors. But in general, the delivery market in the world is growing rapidly because many growing businesses such as e-commerce, food, online grocery, etc. are growing rapidly and all of them have a delivery process. So it can be said that the demand for delivery businesses is increasing and you can get a share of this huge market.

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