manage users with user management feature

User Management

with user management feature manage multi-department delivery operations by controlling the access level of users in different departments based on groups, permissions, and types of users.

User management is crucial in a multi-departmental delivery operation where each department requires access to its own data but should not have visibility into data from other departments.

organizing users access groups with user management feature

Organizing Access Groups

To establish effective user management, the system administrator is responsible for creating user groups and assigning permissions accordingly. The system administrator possesses access to all possible operations within the admin dashboard and can define the scope of each group’s permissions.

These permissions can encompass various areas, including Customers, Promotions, Drivers, Accounting, Orders, and Zoning.

the administrator can create user groups, specify permissions for each group, and determine the scope of each group’s permissions.
Create group members by defining a username and password for each user and assigning them to a group.
manage and create users in dashboard

Manage Dashboard Users

Once the group has been created and its permissions have been assigned, group members can be defined by providing them with individual usernames and passwords.

This process allows members to access the group with the designated permissions that have already been configured, streamlining the user management process within the system.

manage and create users in dispatcher

Manage Dispatcher Users

The administrator retains full control over determining who can access the dispatcher panel and grant permission to edit prices, ensuring precise management of user privileges and access within the system.

administrator specifies who can access to dispatcher panel and determines dispatcher user's permissions like edit prices.

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