User Management

User management is necessary whenever a company has multiple departments, each of which has access to its data while not being permitted to view other departments' data.
Similarly, the support department does not need access to financial data, and the driver liaison department does not need access to orders. All this information may be configured dynamically in the Onro admin dashboard.

Organizing access groups.

The system administrator must create a group and assign permissions to that group. He/She has access to all conceivable operations in the admin dashboard and can define a specific group.

Some permissions are as the below:

  • Customers
  • Promotions
  • Drivers
  • Accounting
  • Orders
  • Zoning, and more.


Manage Dashboard Users

Group members can be defined with usernames and passwords once the group has been created. The group already exists, and its permissions have been assigned.

Manage Dispatcher Users

Additionally, the dispatcher can also manage access levels and dashboard users through this approach. The administrator has complete control over who has access to the dispatch panel and price editing permission.


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