manage orders in delivery management software

Order Management

with order management feature orders are managed by different components with special features in delivery software like: admin panel for admins, dispatcher panel, driver app for drivers, and customer app for customers.

Customers, drivers, dispatchers, and admin all can access and oversee orders entered into the software. Each component has its own distinct set of features, tailored to effectively manage orders based on its user requirements.

manage orders in dispatcher

For Dispatcher

The Dispatcher Panel offers a range of user-friendly features to streamline order management. With this tool, you can easily create new orders and search for existing ones using various filters.

Stay up-to-date with the real-time order statuses and access order history effortlessly.

with dispatcher panel dispatchers can manage order by features like create, change and filter orders, access to real-time order status and order history, assign orders to drivers and track their location, status and orders.
with the admin dashboard admins can easily manage orders through features like order reports with various filters, order-related data, order maps, monitoring and updating order status, and excel output for orders with the ability to customize order lists.
manage orders in admin panel

For Admin

Admin Dashboard allows for easy reporting of orders using a variety of filters, making it simple to find the information you need.

You have the ability to access comprehensive order-related data, view orders on a map for enhanced visualization, and closely monitor and update order statuses as required.

manage orders in customer app

For Customer

Customer App offers a range of convenient features for order management. Your customers can effortlessly place multiple orders simultaneously.

Furthermore, the customer app allows them to cancel orders before picked up. They also have the option to change payment methods to suit their preferences.

The customer app helps customers manage orders through features like placing multiple orders, canceling orders before pickup, changing order payment method, tracking orders and viewing proof of delivery information, real-time tracking of drivers, feedback on orders, tracking link, and notifications.
drivers can coordinate and manage orders in the driver app through features like receiving, viewing, and accepting orders, real-time chat with customers, controlling order status from start to end, proof of delivery, order history, route optimization
manage orders in driver app with order management feature

Driver App

Driver App provides a host of valuable functions for order management and coordination. Drivers can easily receive instant orders, view them, and accept them.

Effective communication is facilitated through the ability to chat with customers, ensuring smooth order coordination. Drivers also have full control over order status from initiation to completion.


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