Order Management & Tracking

Customers, drivers, dispatchers, and management dashboards can all check and manage orders that have been entered into the software.
Every component of the software has its own set of features for managing and tracking orders and drivers, depending on the user's needs. The Order Management and Tracking features are the most comprehensive software features, consisting of various features and functions.

Features of managing orders in different sections in one frame


  • Ability to create a new order.
  • Ability to search for orders based on different filters.
  • Ability to see the most recent order status
  • Ability to see order history
  • Power to amend various aspects of the order.
  • Ability to manually assign a driver to an order.
  • Ability to track drivers on a map.
  • Ability to see a driver’s status and orders.

Admin Dashboard

  • Orders can be reported using various filters.
  • The ability to access all order-related information.
  • The ability to see the order on a map.
  • Monitor and update the order status.
  • Obtain Excel output from orders.
  • Customization of the order list table.

Customer Apps

  • Ability to place several orders at the same time
  • Cancel orders before they are picked up.
  • Possibility in changing the payment methods
  • View POD information and photos of what has been delivered.
  • Track the driver’s whereabouts on the map in real-time.
  • Option to share the order track link
  • As a notification, you’ll get the most recent order status.
  • Viewing and recording feedback on order receipts.

Driver App

  • The ability to receive Instance orders.
  • The ability to view and accept orders.
  • The option to cancel the order before the pickup stage completion.
  • Ability to chat with customers to coordinate orders.
  • Ability to modify order status from start to finish.
  • Ability to complete POD process.
  • Ability to see order history.
  • Ability to use a map to route the order’s pickup and dropoff location.

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