Pickup And Delivery Software

Onro provides complete pickup & delivery software for all businesses that provide delivery services. use this real-time software to improve the customers' experience and optimize employees' efficiency. This platform is designed for all businesses such as courier services, e-commerce, food service, grocery delivery, appointment, and etc. Try A Demo
Food-Delivery-pickup-and-delivery-software Food Delivery
E-Commerce-pickup-and-delivery-software E-Commerce
Courier-Services-pickup-and-delivery-software Courier Services
Grocery-Delivery-pickup-and-delivery-software Grocery Delivery
Field-Service-pickup-and-delivery-software Field Service
Laundry-Delivery-pickup-and-delivery-software Laundry Delivery
Flower-Delivery-pickup-and-delivery-software Flower Delivery

Onro App Main Features


Real-time Tracking

This is the main feature for pickup & delivery apps. use it to monitor your driver in realtime and be notified of status changes with an automatic alert.

Digital Proof Of Delivery

Drivers can record the digital signature, photo, or note after delivery of the package, and you can track the complete or undone deliveries.


With the schedule request feature, users can plan ahead by booking requests and reserve the time. You can also pre-schedule each driver's pickup and delivery planning.

Driver & Customer app (Android/iOS)

It does not matter what device your drivers have. You can manage and communicate with drivers using your Android and iOS apps. Also, you can have the customer application.

Multiple Payment Gateway

It is possible to determine the method of payment for each delivery. The customer can pay online before or after receiving the package.


The estimated arrival time of the driver is displayed for both the operator and the customer

Dynamic parcels & service types

You can define different types of packages & service types based on your specific preferences and needs.

All Product That Need To Run Pickup And Delivery Software

Customer & Driver app

pickup-and-delivery-software Request management and filters
pickup-and-delivery-software Real time chat between driver and customer
pickup-and-delivery-software Vehicle selection
pickup-and-delivery-software Daily and monthly cash revenue
pickup-and-delivery-software Driver rating and feedback

Dispatcher & Admin Panel

pickup-and-delivery-software Auto dispatching and driver assignment
pickup-and-delivery-software Drivers real-time monitoring
pickup-and-delivery-software Manage Business customers
pickup-and-delivery-software Receipt and track link management
pickup-and-delivery-software Analytics and reports
pickup-and-delivery-software Finance and Accounting
pickup-and-delivery-software API Integration

Onro customer

Pickup Exress delivery

Pickup is a delivery start up located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
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App store +2500 App store downloads

White label application

these services provide by onro team for helping their customers

Website design

You can design a website for your business for better customer access and brand awareness

Publishing the app on the markets

Driver and client applications with your brand will be published in Google play and App store

Custom payment gateway

Your preferred payment gateways such as Stripe, Braintree, ... could be implemented and connected to the system.

Custom language

Apps and other parts of the system could translate to any language. English, Spanish, and German are already available.

Pickup and delivery software is the best solution for all business which provides delivery services, this software provides anything you need to manage your parcels and drivers

All businesses that provide delivery services such as: E-commerce, food & grocery, cleaning, lundry and etc can use the pickup and delivery software to improve their services.

You can use the free version of onro pickup and Delivery software for 2 weeks,after that you can provide us your complete requirements and your software will be ready one week after signing the contract.

By using a courier delivery software, you can save your time and human resources, reduce cost, increase randeman and profit by 7/24 supports.

Yes .We design the facilities based on the needs of businesses and it is always possible to update and change the software