Transparent & Fare

No minimum fee
There is no minimum delivery number needed. If you have one delivery, you will be charged for just that one delivery.
No hidden costs

No hidden costs for infrastructure, updates, support, new modules, and integrations. All will be free for our customers.

Fast setup

Fast product delivery for a white label solution (Startup and Enterprise plans). No time wasting for having and using the software.

Pricing Table

$0.09 / delivery
  • Unlimited Delivery
  • Unlimited Drivers
  • Admin Dashboard
  • Dispatcher Panels
  • Driver App
  • Proof Of Delivery (POD)
  • Customer API
  • Auto Dispatching
  • Advanced Order Pricing
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$0.19 / delivery
  • Everything In Business
  • Customer APP
  • White-label Apps
  • Custom Domain
  • Publishing Service
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  • Everything In Startup
  • Advanced White-labeling
  • On-Premises Solution
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$0.09/ Delivery


$0.19/ Delivery


Unlimited Delivery
Unlimited Drivers
Admin Dashboard
Dispatcher Panel
Driver App
POD (Proof of Delivery)
Customer API
Auto Dispatching
Advanced Order Pricing
Customer App
White-label Apps
Custom Domain
Publishing Service
On-Premises Installation
Advanced White-labeling

Common Questions About Pricing

What is a “Delivery”?

The delivery is a specific action that should be done by the driver at a specific location (dropoff). we consider it just for successful orders, not for canceled or non-completed.

Which plan is suitable for me?
If you want to use the software for managing tasks and drivers and you don’t want your customer to create delivery orders on their own, the business plan is good for you. But if you are an online courier business (or start-up) and service to your customer (individuals and businesses), the Startup plan is great for you.
Is there any discount for large-scale businesses?

If you have more than 500 delivery tasks per day, there will be volume discounts and free usage times sales team.

How long does it take to have Onro?

For the Business plan, it takes no time, just some configuration to set your business special information and settings. but for Startup and Enterprise plans, there are some operational tasks like preparing the apps with your logo, connecting the payment gateway, SMS, map, and more. they take a maximum of two weeks.

Does publishing the apps on the markets have additional costs?

No, there are no additional costs. It’s completely free. Both Google PlayStore and Apple AppStore.

How much can I customize the software?

You can almost customize everything you see. settings, service types, parcels, algorithms, colors, and more. To read more about customization, see here

Can I ask for a new feature or customization?

Sure, we want to have a system that fits any last-mile delivery business. Useful features based on real needs.
Is there any setup fee?

For the Business plan, there is no setup fee. but for Startup and Enterprise plans, because of white labeling (operational tasks), there is a minimal setup fee. If you have more than 300 delivery per day, the setup fee will be free for you.

Can I try Onro for free before making a purchase?

Yes, you can try Onro for free. If you already have a courier (delivery) business, you also can use it in your business to see if you like it or not. No limitation in testing the demo. You can reach out to the sales team here.

How does pricing work?

Onro pricing is transparent. We calculate the number of deliveries at the end of the month. then based on your plan, the cost will be calculated and the bill created for you.

How do updates happen and is there a charge for updates?
Updates will be almost weekly. No additional charges for updates. For having more satisfied customers, efficient drivers, and more orders we continuously update the system and make it better.
How does the demo work?

Your demo allows you to try Onro free for an unlimited time whether it will be a good solution for your business needs.

Can I get help with API integration?
Our support team will do any API integration relevant to the system. There will no additional costs, just needs some time.
Is adding new modules (local payment gateways, SMS providers, etc) have additional costs?
No, adding new modules is completely free. we are welcomed to developing onro and make it more powerful.
Can I use my own domain name?
Yes. All of the web panel, web apps, and API addresses will be on your domain. not the subdomain of Onro or anything else.
Is there any long-term contract?
There’s no long-term contract. you just pay as you go. anytime you don’t like it and find out that Onro doesn’t worthies, you can simply don’t use it. with no penalty or costs.
If I am an existing customer, can I upgrade to a new plan?
Yes, existing customers can also upgrade to the new pricing plan. of course, they can back to their previous plan whenever they want.
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Onro will improve the operations of a business by providing a powerful and dynamic solution. Businesses that have delivery services can speed up their operations and boost revenues easily.

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