Onro Partnership Program

Onro partnership program

Onro Partnership Program

Onro has devised a program that outsources part of its marketing and sales process through a business partnership to expand its market globally. It pays the partners a percentage of the money they earn from the consumers they bring in.

How Does The Onro Partnership program Work?

To become a partner, you formally enter into a partnership. Its revenue is computed based on the orders placed by your customers in the software. You will receive a percentage of the income as long as your customer uses it. The more orders we get, the more profit you and we make. 

In What Areas Does The Onro Partnership Program Operate?

This program is available to people of all nationalities, regardless of whether it is an English-speaking country or not. This program can be tailored to meet the needs of customers in a specific location. In addition, there is the infrastructure for a country’s common currency, payment channels, languages, and SMS delivery systems.

What Is The Onro Income Model?

According to the software, the company’s product revenue is based on customer orders placed through the software on a pay-as-you-go basis.

Despite this, since one of its services is to offer customers its products as white labels, and some plans require a setup fee, it can often acquire an initial income per customer. An initial fixed amount and part of the customer order costs are given to the partner as a commission. As long as your customer uses it, your commission (% of sales) will be collected.

Special Offer

Onro’s platform is structured so that each partner can create their customized Onro and sell it under their brand.

It implies that we may provide you with a copy of it with the logo, name, brand, and language of your country of interest, which you can then use to provide services to your customers.

Technical Support

Even though the Onro Group in this approach handles technical support, you will still receive our technical support as your brand support.

Occasionally, your customers may be from a country where English isn’t spoken, so you’ll act as an intermediary to assist them. However, our technical team will address your concerns and provide you with complete support if you require technical assistance. You inform the technical team when any defects or issues arise.


Large customers may prefer to work with their brand rather than the product developer’s identity. In this manner, you may send him a complete copy with his logo on it. Customers must pay a setup fee for this type of service. The Onro team will create the white label version within two weeks.


With the non-branded approach, your customers use software that you offer with your brand. It uses software called a driver (with your brand). However, each has its dispatch and administration panel.


Technical support is handled exclusively by our technical team. The following inquiries are directed for free by technical support:

  • Bug fixes
  • Integrations
  • New features

Fixed Bugs And Product Problems

The product technical team will follow up on any problems you or your customers report and rectify them.

Localizations and Integrations

If another software integration is required, it will be added to the product development roadmap and completed as soon as possible. For example, if the software needs to be integrated with a payment provider popular in your country, it can be combined. Here are some examples of localization and integration services:

  • Payment gateway
  • SMS provider
  • Language
  • The common currency of the country

New Features

If your customers want features compatible with the roadmap’s product, they will be included in the development plan.

Questions And Training

Our agreement with you determines whether we will or will not handle this aspect of customer service. Non-English speaking countries will usually fall under your responsibility for training assistance and answering customer questions. Your language is more fluent because you are a native speaker.

What Is The Process Of Onboarding Like?

First, you’ll learn how to onboard customers from the sales team. Then you master it and apply it to your customers. If you have any problems or require assistance at any moment, we are here to assist you.

Who is in charge of marketing?

We at Onro’s affiliate program aim to outsource sales and marketing. That means marketing and sales are your jobs, and you can go about them however you see fit. We will not hesitate to assist with our collection. It can be helpful in this regard.

Exclusive Contract

The possibility exists to work with you exclusively on a specific project. It is possible, and the sales team can help you with this.

Submit Partnership Request 

If you’re enthusiastic about the partnership program, feel free to fill out the following form with relevant information so that we can get in touch with you as soon as possible.

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