Delivery Barcode Scanner

A Shipment Label is automatically generated for each delivery using the barcode scanning feature. The shipping procedure is sped up, and order tracking is simplified with the delivery barcode scanner.

Delivery barcode scanner helps delivery businesses track their orders
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Barcodes will be generated when an delivery orders creates

Automated Barcode Generation When Ordering

When an order is created, a standard barcode is generated and assigned to it, depending on the order code. Mobile phones and barcode readers can read this barcode.

The produced barcode is included in the order’s Shipment Label, which Dispatcher users can print and stick on the package for each order.

Barcode Scanner for Delivery Process in the Driver Apps

Including a shipment label and barcode on the packages aids in the driver’s speed.

It is possible to scan the barcode using a mobile device in the driver application, and the order information is then sent to the driver.

The driver can only join order information by scanning the barcode printed on the package, allowing him to deliver products faster.

Driver app has a barcode scanner feature for reading the barcode using camera
Customer app can see the shipment label in the delivery process

Display the Shipment Label in the Apps and the Customer Portal

Each order’s shipment label can be viewed and downloaded via the Android and iOS customer apps and the customer’s web portal.

This functionality is in place to provide transparency to your company’s consumers. Transparency is one of today’s delivery trends, and it is crucial to present it to clients in a competitive climate.

You also believe that good support is crucial?

Here is what our customers say about Onro support:

Mustafa from USA - Owner of Catringo.
Mustafa Sakalli,

Catringo – USA

The most important thing for us to work with Onro is that whenever we have issues with apps or Technical problems their team is here to help and solve them ASAP.

We needs to be active always and having support from Onro helps us to focus on other stuff in our company because they take care of the software.

Bogdan Termure - CEO and founder of HiO - Romania
Bogdan Termure, 

HiO – Romania

We used a lot of software like Bringg and Jungleworks, but they lack one thing after they onboard you. They just forget about you. They only send invoices and nothing else. You beg for support.

The most important thing for us to choose Onro is we get instant support, this allows us to be focused on managing.

Mohammad Habul - CEO of WEE Delivery - Jordan
Mohammad Habbul, 

VEE Delivery – Jordan

We have tried several on-demand delivery software, however, we could not find something that fits our needs, until we found Onro.

Our on-demand business is based on Onro, the system’s flexibility and support we are given is something hard to find in this industry.

The All-in-One Delivery software you need to manage your whole business

Barcode Scan

Delivery barcode scanner automatically generates shipping labels on each order to help you track your deliveries.


Receiving signature, taking picture, and writing notes are some of the features available for proof of delivery.


Tracking fleet and deliveries for business and possibility of providing tracking link and tracking page to customers.

COD Management

Cash on delivery management from the time the customer creates the order to the settlement with the driver.

Driver Application

ِManaging delivery and pickup orders, pony, stats, POD, and COD are among the features of the driver apps.


Distribution of orders between drivers can be done automatically and manually using the web-based dispatcher portal.

White Label Apps

Your brand will be labeled on the customer and driver apps, customer portal, tracking page, dispatcher and management dashboard.


Enter your orders directly from POS into the delivery software. If we do not have the integration you need, we will implement it for you.

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