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Food Delivery

Ecommerce delivery software

Ecommerce Delivery

B2B on demand delivery software

B2B delivery

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Retail Delivery

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Courier Delivery

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Grocery Delivery

Cargo-And-Transportation on demand delivery software

Cargo And Transportation

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Pharma Delivery

Entirely white label on-demand software

The practical solution for growing business and start-up

Your logo and color scheme

Your company's logo and brand name will be featured on the website and applications.

white label on demand delivery app development

Publish with your brand

Customer and driver apps will be published in Google Play and the App Store under your brand.

publish on demand delivery platform

Your domain

You can run the admin panel, dispatcher panel, and any web app with your chosen domain address.

domain white label on demand delivery app

Dynamic Services

Onro delivery management software features that make you define different services dynamically based on your needs. Also, you can define and manage service options such as set weight, fragile, need packed, important parcels, and etc.

dynamic parcel

Dynamic Vehicle Types

Define and manage several types of vehicles based on your preferences. The system's administrator could define and control vehicle type options such as round trip dynamically, need helper, etc.

service types

Key Features

Your business will be more innovative and influential than ever when you use Onro's on-demand delivery app features!

on demand delivery management software

Tracking in real-time

Customers can track their parcel's path and location, as well as the projected arrival time, with this feature.

on demand delivery app features

Driver’s Choice

When a delivery order is created, a notification is sent to each driver (nearest), which can then accept or reject the request.

on demand delivery service


With the schedule order feature, users can plan by booking orders and reserve the time.


Automatic dispatching

By selecting this option, the closest driver will inform the order.

dispatch management

Order Management

With the order management feature, you can monitor drivers' performance and manage your business effectively.

driver app

Real-Time Messaging

Free and instant messaging between customers and drivers. Using this feature, they can make the required coordination accessible.

Onro Around the World

Trusted By Experienced Last Mile Delivery Businesses

Delivery Customers


United States

Catering delivery service in the USA for several years.




First delivery startup in Dakar that provides food delivery service for restaurants.




Hello Courier provides Hourly Hire, Same Day and On-Demand delivery services in Nairobi.


VEE Delivery


More than 4 years being active in next-day delivery service + on-demand delivery service.




Same-day and On-demand delivery service in Cambodia.




Affordable last-mile delivery service with different services in Kuala Lumpur.




Last-mile delivery in Kuala Lumpur for e-commerces and online stores.




Sydney delivery service for businesses and individuals.


Pickup Express


Pickup is an on-demand courier company run in Kuala Lumpur with more than 30000 users and +10000 drivers.




Delivery partner of FoodPanda, Takeaway, and other food delivery platforms. Running in Romania.

Mustafa Sakalli, CEO of catringo in united state

Mustafa Sakalli | CEO

United State


"The most important thing for us to work with Onro is that whenever we have issues with apps or Technical problems their team is here to help and solve them ASAP. Onro helps us to focus on other stuff in our company because they take care of the software."

Bogdan Termure

Bogdan Termure | CEO



"We tried a lot of last mile delivery software and all fail at support. If you choose Onro you have the best support you will ever encounter, very fast deploy and any small bugs addressed instantly"

Erick Moriasi

Erick Moriasi | CEO



"I must say ONRO have an OUTSTANDING technical team. We have been able to achieve a major milestone in this initiative so quickly because of the undying dedication that your team maintained throughout the project cycle"

last mile delivery app last mile delivery platform

Automate Your On Demand Delivery Service

Driver App

Customer App


Admin panel


The effective solution for growing businesses and startups

Publishing on demand delivery software

Publishing on app market

Driver and customer applications with your brand will be published in Google Play and App store

payment fo on demand delivery app

Custom payment gateway

Your preferred payment gateway could be implemented and connected to the system. like Stribe, Paypal, Brainthree, and ...

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On-demand Delivery App Development

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On-demand delivery software is a suitable solution for instant delivery companies. Local delivery services and restaurant delivery services can benefit from the software. It automates all the workflows and gives powerful tools to grow and act better.

Onro can oversee and automate the operations of any company that wishes to provide on-demand or instant delivery services.

Because it's a cloud solution, it's quick. White label solutions can take up to 7 days to complete.

It's a dynamic situation. Drivers are paid on a commission basis by the company. Through the admin dashboard panel, the administrator can set commissions and work types.

Yes, onro receives weekly updates; we like to add helpful functionality for real-world situations. Implementing your software requirements will be welcomed if you work in the logistics and delivery industry.

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