real-time chat feature

Real-Time Chat

Customers and drivers can communicate using Onro real-time chat that is implemented in the applications

Drivers typically get in touch with customers by phone or by sending SMS to coordinate orders. As a feature, customers and drivers can also communicate within the application. They have the option to engage in a chat within a shared environment that is specifically tailored for each order.

save cost with real-time chat between customers and drivers

Cost Saving

There is no charge for phone or SMS calls, and drivers can chat within the application.

private chat only between customer and drivers

No Disruption

The chat environment will only be active between the driver and the customer for each individual order.

chat histroy is recorded and can be checked in platform

Chat History

This conversation is recorded and archived on the platform. It can be double-checked if needed.

better and fast coordination of customer and drivers with chat quick messages

Fast Messaging

By utilizing Chat Quick Messages, drivers and customers can coordinate faster.

manage dynamic quick messages in panel

Manage Dynamic Quick Messages

Both the customer and the driver can utilize Chat Quick Messages within the chat environment. These messages are pre-written and are defined separately in the Admin Dashboard for both the customer and the driver. They appear as predefined options for communication, accessible by both parties during their interaction.

Admin can predefine some quick messages
when the order is completed chat will deactivate automatically, Drivers send messages to the customers in real-time during the order process
deactive chat when order completed

Deactivation Upon Order Completion

By default, both customers and drivers have the option to engage in a chat for each order, allowing them to plan and coordinate before the order is fulfilled. Once the order is completed, the chat feature becomes deactivated for the driver and customer.


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