Today, only a tiny percentage of people pay in cash. Customers pay for orders online, while drivers maintain a wallet for their earnings and, if desired, can receive their balance through an account settlement. Within the Onro Software, customers and drivers each have their wallets.



The Benefits of The Wallet Feature

Customer Wallet

The wallet allows customers to grow their credit and charge their wallets in mobile applications (Android and iOS) and Customer Web Applications. Once a customer’s wallet is sufficiently credited, he can pay for his orders without returning to the banking websites. Additionally, the customer can also check his wallet’s balance at any time.

Driver Wallet

Add Balance

Like customers, drivers can charge their wallets. The most common use of add balance is to pay back money that is owed to the company. By adding balance to the wallet, drivers can avoid going into debt with corporations. When a driver improves his credit, his balance rises.


An administrator can settle the account with the driver by using the Withdraw feature. The driver submits a settlement request on the administrator’s dashboard. Using this feature, the driver’s settlement with the company can be completed electronically, without the need for the driver to be present in the company.


Consequently, every transaction, regardless of its type, is recorded in the system and can be viewed in this section. It preserves financial transparency and reduces obstacles between drivers and the company over financial issues.


Wallets include statistics about the driver’s performance. By reviewing this part of his wallet, the driver can view his overall income, credit balance, cash income, and number of successful orders over the course of a day, week, or month. Not only does this section clarify things, but it also helps the driver evaluate himself and improve his performance.


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