wallet feature in onro delivery software


with the wallet feature customers and drivers can have their wallet and easily pay for orders, handle transactions, see statistics in the customer app and driver app, and automate all financial jobs.

In the Onro Software, both your customers and drivers have their own dedicated digital wallets, providing a secure and convenient way to handle transactions and financial matters.

order payment will be easier for customers by using a wallet

Ease of Payment

Customers can choose to use their wallet to pay for their orders. Payment options make the process easier.

increase customers and drivers satisfaction and enhance their experience with wallet

User Experience

The wallet enhances the user experience for both the driver and the consumer, leading to a higher level of satisfaction.

Using wallet features in conjunction with a software accounting system leads to easier financial management

Financial Management

Wallet features work in conjunction with the software accounting system to simplify financial management.

drivers work procedure will be automate with wallet features like Transactions, Withdrawal, and Statistics

Job Automation

Transactions, Withdrawal, and Statistics functions in the wallet help drivers automate their work procedures.

using wallet in customer app

Customer Wallet

The wallet allows customers to grow their credit and charge their wallets in the customer applications (Web, Android, iOS). Once a customer’s wallet is sufficiently credited, customer can pay for orders without returning to the banking websites. Additionally, the customer can also check his wallet’s balance at any time.

customer can increase their wallet credit and charge their wallet, see wallet balance, and pay for orders with using wallet credit.
drivers can recharge their wallet

Add Balance
For Driver

Similar to customers, drivers have the ability to recharge their wallets. The most frequent application of adding balance is to settle any outstanding debts owed to the company.

By topping up their wallet balance, drivers can proactively prevent accruing debts with corporations. As a driver enhances their credit status, their balance correspondingly increases.

drivers can top up their wallet in driver app to settle any outstanding debts owed to the company
By using the withdraw feature administrators can easily settle an account with a driver by initiating a settlement request in the admin dashboard without needing to present drivers in the company location.
settle an account with withdraw feature


Through the withdraw feature, an administrator has the capability to settle an account with a driver. The process involves the driver initiating a settlement request via the administrator’s dashboard.

This feature enables the completion of the driver’s settlement with the company, all without the necessity of the driver being physically present at the company’s location.

see transactions with wallet


The system records every transaction and makes it accessible within the wallet. This ensures financial transparency and minimizes potential conflicts between drivers and the company regarding financial matters.

delivery software record all transactions so drivers can access their transactions in their wallet and this leads to financial transparency
drivers can evaluate and see their permoance with statistics section of wallet in driver app that shows their overall earnings, credit balance, cash income, and the number of successfully completed orders.
show statistics in driver app with wallet


Wallets incorporate performance statistics for drivers. Within this section of their wallet, drivers can assess their overall earnings, credit balance, cash income, and the number of successfully completed orders for various timeframes, such as daily, weekly, or monthly.

This not only provides clarity but also empowers drivers to self-evaluate and enhance their performance.


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