Integrate Food Delivery Software with Restaurant POS

How to Integrate Food Delivery Software with Restaurant POS

Integrating food delivery software with restaurant POS systems is fundamental to know. A restaurant POS system empowers all restaurants by suggesting software to showcase their menu or seamlessly integrate online ordering into their website. These software solutions are stunning for restaurants that are looking to create a digital presence. 

Some food delivery software, like Onro, offer delivery management features for restaurants and food delivery marketplaces. Integrating food delivery software with your restaurant’s POS tools improves the delivery process and leads to on-time delivery.

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Integrating Onro software in food delivery with POS System

It is not necessary to receive guests in the hall of your restaurant. Connecting to delivery will help attract those customers who do not want to go to your establishment, but would prefer to order dishes at home or work. You can accept orders through your website, by phone, from delivery aggregators, through a mobile application, or in another way. To improve the service, Onro provides delivery software with which you can identify your delivery problem areas and improve the speed of delivery and order processing.

There are 2 options for getting clients’ orders:

  • Centralized acceptance of orders through a call center or website
  • Accepting orders directly at the checkout

Advantages of delivery management with Onro 

Organizing delivery with Onro will allow you to:

  • Import orders from anywhere (website, application, aggregators, call center, or manually)
  • Manage delivery order statuses
  • Control delivery time
  • Contact the courier and monitor his movements

Onro software offers a specialized solution for food delivery services and the restaurant industry. Onro will build a delivery service software with an awesome design, for your food business. 

Accepting orders for delivery with Onro

The order acceptance process is as follows:

  • Onro receives orders through APIs from your POS, website, order management software, or an aggregator.
  • The delivery orders are processed by your operator.
  • When the dishes are ready, your operator employee dispatches the delivery orders to your couriers.
  • Your couriers will receive orders on their Onro Driver Application, and the status information will be updated.
  • Your couriers deliver the items through the optimized routes and complete the proof of delivery.

Perfect delivery process

Let’s dream about what an ideal delivery process would look like. The client, going home from work, selects his favorite dishes from the general menu of several restaurants on his smartphone. There he can learn everything about their composition and benefits. It would be nice to also find out something about the chef cooking today and read reviews from other customers.

Having made an order and agreed on the exact time, he arrives home straight to a ready-made hot dinner. At this time, the operator from the delivery automation program receives the order and completes information about the regular customer.

Knowing the client’s history, the operator can remind him of something, and suggest or clarify something. Then, having distributed the order among the performers, the operator selects the courier with the optimal location and includes the order in his route. At the same time, at the place of production, the order is marked with the name and address of the customer, as well as the exact time and delivery conditions. Automation of courier delivery will eliminate the possibility of errors or customer dissatisfaction.

Automation of the food delivery service 

Automation of the food delivery service is suitable for any type of establishment – from a small family cafe to networks and conceptual projects. With this solution, you can:

  • Record and control each order to the delivery service
  • Remember all the client’s previous delivery orders
  • Control and optimize the work of couriers
  • Reduce telephone communication costs 
  • See and influence the profitability of both each order and the entire delivery service as a whole
  • Keep control over the process of preparing dishes for delivery
  • Record and control warehouse balances of both purchased goods and semi-finished products


If you are looking for a reliable and convenient solution for automating the work of your restaurant, then solutions from Onro can be an excellent choice. Thanks to ease of use and integration with other services, Onro will help simplify business management and increase its efficiency. One of the superior advantages of Onro is its ease of use. With Onro, you can configure all the necessary settings in stunning and easy ways.

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