Floti: Pioneering Last-Mile Logistics for B2B Success

Floti is a last mile logistics company, helping Businesses.

Floti: Pioneering Last-Mile Logistics for B2B Success

In the dynamic world of last-mile logistics, Floti stands out as an innovative business focused on providing essential delivery solutions to companies that either lack a delivery service or prefer not to manage one for their products. Their model primarily caters to a B2B clientele, offering a diverse array of services encompassing food, packages, supermarket items, and more.

Floti end-to-end logistics solutions empower enterprises to focus on what they do best. With Floti as their delivery partner, businesses can navigate the intricate landscape of modern commerce with confidence and ease, reaping the benefits of a reliable and adaptable logistical backbone.

Floti’s Genesis

Floti’s idea traced back to their roots in the delivery app industry, much like the renowned UberEats. The vision for Floti emerged from their experience in this industry, propelling them to expand their horizons and serve a broader market.

We provide last-mile logistics to customers who do not want or do not have a delivery service for their products. Our model is mostly B2B and we provide different services, food, packages, supermarkets, etc. Floti’s idea came from a delivery app like Uber Eats.

Javier Zabaneh

Floti’s Target Audience

Floti’s target audience comprises businesses eager to strengthen their own distribution channels. They offer these companies an invaluable solution, a robust and reliable delivery service that facilitates growth and expansion. Floti bridges the gap for businesses that wish to retain control over their sales while simultaneously addressing the delivery logistics challenge.

Businesses that have a product and would like to strengthen their channels. We provide them with delivery and growth opportunities.

Javier Zabaneh

Solution to Delivery Challenges

Floti is here to help businesses that sell products. Sometimes, these businesses need to deliver things to their customers, but the big companies that help with deliveries charge a lot of money. This makes businesses think about doing deliveries themselves, but that can be hard. Floti comes to the rescue. They do the deliveries, so businesses can keep selling and growing without the stress of managing deliveries.

The extremely high commission the aggregators are charging has forced businesses to look to sell using their own channels but are also faced with the delivery logistics problem. We provide that as a service.

Javier Zabaneh

The Reliable Technology Partner Driving Floti’s Success

Floti’s positive experience with Onro extends to its utility for their business. They find the platform exceptionally efficient when it comes to order placement and driver allocation, two of the most critical aspects of their operation. Onro’s technology empowers Floti to manage these tasks with ease, ensuring that deliveries are executed smoothly and promptly.

In the competitive world of last-mile logistics, Floti’s partnership with Onro has been a game-changer. Their commitment to empowering businesses with reliable delivery solutions has redefined the B2B landscape. By addressing the challenges posed by aggregator commissions and offering a seamless, technology-driven experience, Floti is transforming the delivery industry.

Onro’s platform works very well in inserting orders and looking for drivers. Onro has solved our technology problem which works with great customer support.

Javier Zabaneh
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