Fab Bud is a fast delivery service.

Fab Bud: Super-Quick Deliveries

In the lively streets of Nepal, there’s a name that brings fast deliveries right to your doorstep – Fab Bud. Founded in 2017 by Nahakul Bhandari, this delivery service is all about getting your orders to you within a mere 60 minutes.

Back in 2017, Fab Bud had big dreams. They wanted to be a one-stop super app where you could do it all, from getting rides and ordering food to groceries, parcels, and medicines. But back then, not everyone was ready for this grand idea. Nahakul Bhandari remembers those early days: 

We started with Fab Can and had to work hard to convince the government, taxi associations, and drivers about the benefits.

Nahakul Bhandari, FOUNDER & CEO

From Pause to Hyper-Speed: The Birth of Fab Bud

Right before COVID-19 arrived, Fab Bud had to take a break. During this time, Nahakul was working on a platform that would give small businesses a free website.

Then, something interesting happened. Fab Bud saw a need for super-quick deliveries, especially for food, groceries, and medical supplies. But there weren’t many options in Nepal offering 60-minute delivery. Most companies were doing next-day deliveries, and only a few were trying same-day.

Nahakul had a bright idea: “Why not start a super-fast delivery service? Let’s do some research.” And that’s how Fab Bud came to life.

Delivering for All, in Just 60 Minutes

Fab Bud welcomes a diverse spectrum of customers, and its services are not restricted to any one specific group. Instead, they have opened their doors to everyone with a common desire to have their deliveries in a swift 60 minutes. Nahakul elaborates on this inclusive approach: 

We’re revolutionizing the way people transport their goods, creating a system where waiting for an eternity is a thing of the past.

Nahakul Bhandari, FOUNDER & CEO

Fab Bud’s reach extends to individuals, families, small businesses, and larger enterprises alike. By offering an open door to all, Nahakul and his team ensure that the benefits of rapid, hyperlocal delivery are available to anyone with a need.

In Pursuit of Excellence: Fab Bud’s Tech Journey

Nahakul Bhandari was engaging in conversations with numerous companies. He was seeking to build a system that echoed the success of ride-sharing, just as they had achieved with Fab Cab. 

Among the many contenders, it was Onro that truly stood out. Its comprehensive set of features aligned perfectly with their vision, and the exceptional talent within the Onro team was the game-changer. He says: 

I talked to many companies about building a system like ride-sharing, just like we did with Fab Cab. Onro had the features we wanted, and the team was great. When we outsource our product development, we focus on the team.

Nahakul Bhandari, FOUNDER & CEO

Fab Bud and Onro: Pioneering Hyperlocal Excellence Together

Fab Bud’s journey has been marked by innovation, determination, and the pursuit of perfection. Their partnership with Onro has been pivotal in shaping their vision into a reality. 

Onro’s technology and, most importantly, their dedicated team, have provided Fab Bud with the support they needed to thrive in the competitive world of hyperlocal deliveries.

With Onro by their side, Fab Bud has not only introduced Nepal to rapid, but has also set a new standard for excellence in the industry. This collaboration is not just about technology, it’s about the people who drive it. 

Together, Fab Bud and Onro continue to transform the way goods are delivered in Nepal, and the journey is far from over.

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