New Release: Exciting Additions and Improvements

August 2023

  New Features

  • Business user login/registration for all customer components #CustomerApps
  • Required address fields for enhanced data completeness #CustomerApps
  • Required service/vehicle type options for better order accuracy #CustomerApps
  • Integrated Paymob, Ayden, Tap, and Bux payment gateways #BackEnd
  • Added tax mechanism to pricing and displayed it in the price breakdown #BackEnd
  • Route optimization for multi-dropoff orders #Dispatcher
  • Implemented Google reCaptcha (Enterprise) for enhanced security #BackEnd
  • Editable “dispatch at” field for better order management #Dispatcher
  • Published Onro Map for optimized map usage #BackEnd
  • Stripe manual payment for dispatcher users #Dispatcher
  • Integration with 8×8 and M360 SMS gateways #Backend
  • Enabled Account (Invoice) payment method #CustomerApps
  • Considered four new parameters in the dispatch algorithm #Backend


  • Updated Gmail integration to adhere to the latest Google standards #BackEnd
  • Implemented delay recognition mechanism for dispatching later orders #BackEnd
  • Filtered dispatch later apps in the Orders tab for better visibility #DriverApp
  • Introduced ripple effect on the assigned driver for improved monitoring #Dispatcher
  • Added export of generated invoices for better record keeping #AdminDashboard
  • Ability to change the status of completed orders #Dispatcher
  • Set maximum limit amount for COD (cash on delivery) transactions #BackEnd
  • Expanded filters and columns in the orders list for easier sorting #AdminDashboard
  • Upgraded server infrastructure for enhanced performance #BackEnd
  • Optimized map loading on dispatcher to reduce costs #Dispatcher
  • Made customers’ settings dynamic for greater customization #CustomerApps
  • Displayed driver’s earnings in the order details for transparency #AdminDashboard
  • Added customer verification code message to settings #AdminDashboard
  • Implemented search feature for pricing zones #AdminDashboard
  • Added a “deleted” column to the customers’ list #AdminDashboard
  • Considered ETA for scheduled orders from pickup time, not creation time #BackEnd
  • Displayed dropoff “done” status #Dispatcher
  • Prevented driver notification on editing completed orders #BackEnd
  • Selected default vehicle type when editing the order status #Dispatcher
  • Ability to manage orders via mobile phone #Dispatcher
  • Enabled removal of default pickup address for business customers #AdminDashboard
  • Handled long title services in the UI for improved layout #CustomerApp

 Bugs Fixed

  • Fixed the repeat order multi-dropoff issue #Dispatcher
  • Resolved the driver’s orders list issue #Dispatcher
  • Fixed the offering orders to unverified drivers bug #BackEnd
  • Displayed surcharge photo on the order details page #Dispatcher
  • Fixed the editing surcharge issue in the order details #Dispatcher
  • Corrected the date format in exported orders #AdminDashboard
  • Fixed the price calculation on repeating orders #Dispatcher
  • Resolved UI issue for the Spanish language #CustomerApp
  • Fixed the option creation issue in service/vehicle type #AdminDashboard
  • Fixed the error in invoicing list of a customer #AdminDashboard
  • Fixed the issue with adding invoices permission not being saved #AdminDashboard
  • Resolved wrong payment method check #Dispatcher
  • Controlled scheduling settings in edit address to avoid conflicts #Dispatcher
  • Fixed the email button on the about us page issue #MobileApps
  • Corrected the driver search on the P&D order creation page #Dispatcher
  • Fixed wrong events list #Dispatcher
  • Resolved the info icon issue in the order details #DriverApp
  • Fixed the downloading of large invoice files #AdminDashboard
  • Fixed all selections in the edit promotions #AdminDashboard
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