Digital vs. Paper-Based Proof of Delivery: Pros and Cons

Digital vs. Paper-Based Proof of Delivery: Pros and Cons

Gaining excellent knowledge about paper-based and digital proof of delivery for all people who are working in courier services. The information is sent in the form of an electronic document, signed with an enhanced qualified electronic signature, through a single portal of state and municipal services or through a regional portal of state and municipal services with confirmation of the delivery of such information.

Paper-based Proof of Delivery

This is a delivery slip or a bundle of paper. The company sending the goods must complete this physical document when delivering the package to the recipient. The purpose of this paper is to ensure that customers understand what has been delivered and to report any issues that may result in a return, refund, or redelivery.

Digital Proof of Delivery

Proof of delivery may be in digital format. We are talking about e-POD (Electronic Proof of Delivery). The consumer signs this electronic receipt on the delivery person’s tablet or smartphone. He or she acknowledges having received the package in the quantities, deadlines, and conditions agreed upon at the time of purchase. This is digital proof of the existence and completion of a delivery.

During and after COVID-19, proof of contactless delivery has grown. This is an electronic proof of delivery that does not require a signature. Indeed, photos of the packages as well as GPS coordinates are used to attest to delivery.

What Are the Advantages of Digital Proof of Delivery?

Companies in the transport and logistic sectors adopted electronic proof of delivery. The e-POD has many advantages. From an environmental point of view, electronic proof of delivery is preferable. In fact, it replaces paper documentation, which reduces the carbon footprint of companies. The activity is therefore more sustainable and respectful. From a logistics point of view, electronic proof of delivery optimizes productivity and simplifies administrative management.

Deliveries are accelerated since delivery people do not have to fill in all the information by hand. Precious minutes are saved and errors or loss of physical documents are avoided. The traceability offered by digital proof of delivery makes it possible to inform the customer in real time of any incidents during delivery.

Additionally, tracking allows complaints to be processed more efficiently because all the necessary information is already entered into the system. The billing cycle is therefore little impacted. As you will have understood, electronic proof of delivery has many advantages. Digital management of the delivery process helps improve the productivity of the entire supply chain. If you want to save time, use electronic proof of delivery!

Why Should We Dematerialize Proof of Delivery?

The need is linked to the certainty of the delivery of goods to each recipient. Shippers are waiting for this information to be able to issue their invoice to their own customers. Proof of delivery is becoming a key element in the business process. Some important customers also ask you to send them the transport invoice linked to all proof of deliveries signed in question.

Dematerializing Proof of Delivery

The dematerialization of proof of delivery depends on your business. If you use your own receipts or if you have documents submitted by your customers signed. In all cases, you have on one side the computer trace of the positions to be delivered and on the other the documents to be scanned and reconciled with the positions.

Using Onro for Digital Proof of Delivery and Other Services

Effective work is the key to the success of any enterprise. Currently, a growing number of companies in various industries and activities are turning to enterprise automation. Proof of delivery is implemented using software that performs all assigned tasks using its functionality. Onro’s proof of delivery software has its own characteristics, depending on the type of activity. The software optimizes all the tasks that a courier or delivery company performs and helps to increase efficiency and productivity.

Onro makes it possible to perform such tasks as order control, work with documentation and its formation in automatic mode, record keeping, monitoring the work of field workers, recording the time spent on order fulfillment, working time control. Onro should ensure that all necessary business processes are implemented quickly and efficiently. Automation programs allow organizations to improve their operations and achieve efficient, high-quality customer service.

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