The Role of 3PL in E-commerce Operations

The role of 3pl in ecommerce operations

The role of 3PL in the e-commerce operations is remarkable. This allows the optimization of delivery times, guaranteeing better customer satisfaction. Companies specializing in this area have understood the importance of e-commerce 3PL. With this in mind, they are constantly refining their technologies to meet the modern requirements of e-logistics.

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E-commerce 3PL

Modern technology can take care not only of delivery, but also upstream, packaging of the products, their storage in warehouses, their shipment to ports or airports, their distribution, as well as several other details.
Traditionally, it was large physical brands as well as the army that used this means to speed up the transport of their products. To be more competitive on the market, e-commerce businesses are partnering with third-party logistics companies, who have the appropriate expertise. The latter then took care of everything relating to logistical processing, because they had the infrastructure and other necessary tools.

Usefulness of 3PLs for E-commerce

Digital technology has taken its place in all human’s lives. Purchasing and sales are taking place over the internet. E-commerce is increasingly taking the lead in providing products of all types to consumers. But with growing demand, e-shops are no longer necessarily able to adequately meet delivery time requirements.
In addition, the cost of packaging and transporting packages seems to have a serious impact on the turnover of online businesses. We must therefore be able to find a more beneficial alternative. And 3PLs seem to be able to provide solutions to the issues at stake.

The Advantages of E-commerce 3PL for E-shops

By delegating certain tasks to a 3PL company, you relieve yourself of several obligations that slow you down more or less in your activity. Also, with e-commerce, distribution areas are increasingly extended. It is now a question of being able to satisfy customers who are located in nearby areas as well as in remote regions.
Demand must be met nationally and internationally. A third-party logistics company allows you to gain access to distribution areas that were previously inaccessible or too expensive – something that necessarily translates into a boost in your sales and greater market capture.
3PLs thus help meet the new challenges of e-commerce. More concretely:

  • You gain in profitability;
  • You gain in effectiveness and efficiency: speed of deliveries and therefore better customer satisfaction;
  • You save yourself costly investments (setting up your own merchandise distribution branch is very expensive);
  • You make various means of delivery available to your customers;
  • You should better manage seasonal fluctuations in demand. You no longer have to make seasonal hires.

When to Use an E-commerce 3PL Provider?

When your product delivery is no longer efficient, it’s time to ask yourself questions. When you’re no longer able to meet shipping deadlines, it may be time to partner with a specialist.
A good indicator is also the fact that managing your e-commerce logistics chain and your supply chain are becoming very time-consuming, without generating significant profits. It is therefore a question of evaluating your company to know whether or not it is necessary to call on a specialist in this area.

What are the Management Tools?

What is the place of data in the service provider’s processes? With globalization, technology must be at the heart of how 3PL services operate. A good service provider must have sophisticated tools as well as a good network of carriers.
Excellent integration of information systems between 3PLs and the end customer is essential to reduce intervention and delivery times. Also, tracking and restitution platforms allow good communication at all levels of the network, to better satisfy the customer.
Also, Onro’s courier management software is a remarkable and detailed software, designed to facilitate the management and control of all aspects related to the sending and receiving of packages. With real-time tracking of package locations, Onro is a type of software that automates and optimizes logistics processes.


Generally, the e-commerce 3PL provider uses modern technologies as well as optimized processes to manage delivery and product distribution more efficiently. This makes the service better. Additionally, all digital tools used by the provider help increase visibility of the supply chain process as well as shipment transit. With Onro software, you rely on consistent data management for your time-critical shipments where punctuality is essential. With Onro, your courier drivers have mobile access to all the functions they need for smooth and error-free delivery processes on their handheld at all times.

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