Top 10 Courier Software Tools to Expand Your Customer Base

Top Courier Software tools that are essential to increase your customers.

Most courier software does not prioritize the customer side of the courier business, lacking features to enhance customer base expansion. They often focus on optimizing routes and driver-related features. However, in today’s competitive landscape, customer expectations are on the rise, and courier companies that recognize this will emerge as winners in the competition. In this article, we will delve into the ten most crucial features of courier software that can significantly boost a courier business’s customer base. To start your courier service, you can visit our article about how to start a courier business.

1. Communication Module: Send SMS, Email, and Notification

Using the communication module, you can define automate messages to be sent automatically.

The Communication Module in a courier software is a crucial tool that enables seamless and effective interaction between courier companies and their customers. With this feature, businesses can effortlessly send SMS, emails, and notifications to customers, keeping them informed throughout the delivery process. SMS messages provide real-time updates on shipment status, while emails offer comprehensive details about deliveries. Additionally, if customers installed your mobile applications, push notifications serve as instant alerts, ensuring customers never miss crucial information.

This robust communication capability not only enhances customer experience but also strengthens trust and reliability in courier services. Whether it’s a confirmation of order, estimated delivery time, or any unforeseen delays, the Communication Module empowers courier businesses to maintain open lines of communication and create a more satisfying experience for their valued customers.

2. Real-Time Tracking: The Power of Tracking Page and ETA

Real-time tracking is designed for tracking everything such as drivers and orders.

Real-time tracking has become a game-changer in the world of courier services, and two essential components that contribute to its power are the Tracking Page and Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) feature. The Tracking Page provides customers with a user-friendly and intuitive interface to monitor their shipments’ progress in real-time. Through this page, customers can access critical information, such as the current location of their package and the delivery route. This transparency not only fosters trust but also keeps customers engaged and informed. Alongside the Tracking Page, the ETA feature offers an estimated time frame for delivery, providing customers with an accurate prediction of when their package will arrive.

The combination of real-time tracking and ETA feature ensures heightened customer satisfaction by alleviating uncertainty and allowing them to plan accordingly. Courier businesses that integrate these powerful tracking solutions can elevate their service levels and create a positive, seamless, and satisfying delivery experience for their valued customers.

3. Business Web Portal: Seamless Solutions for Business Clients

Business portal is a customer app for web. Your business customers can use it to register orders directly.

The Business Web Portal offers a comprehensive and seamless solution for courier companies to cater specifically to their business clients. Through this component, businesses can efficiently manage and streamline their courier-related tasks, empowering them with a range of essential tools and features. From placing orders and tracking shipments in real-time to accessing detailed delivery reports and managing billing and invoicing, the Business Web Portal simplifies the entire courier process.

The user-friendly interface ensures easy navigation and enables business clients to handle their logistics requirements efficiently. Moreover, this portal allows businesses to schedule their deliveries. By providing such a tailored and efficient component, courier companies can get more courier contracts.

4. Mobile Apps: Empowering Customers with Direct Order Registration

Mobile apps for Android and iOS are similar to the web portal, but for mobile.

Customer Mobile Applications for Android and iOS users offer a wide array of self-service features that empower customers to take control of their courier experience. From registering new orders and tracking drivers in real-time to accessing transparent pricing, order history, and more, these user-friendly apps provide a seamless and convenient way for customers to interact with courier services.

By encouraging customers to install and utilize the mobile app, courier businesses have a unique opportunity to enhance customer engagement significantly. Embracing customer mobile applications as a business advantage not only increases operational efficiency (less need to dispatcher) but also positions the courier company at the forefront of innovation, catering to the modern needs and expectations.

5. Promotion: Attract New Customers through Discount Code

Promotions will be used for promote your courier business and attract new customers.

Promotions have proven to be a powerful tool for attracting new customers to courier services, and discount codes are a highly effective strategy in this regard. By offering enticing discount codes, courier businesses can entice potential customers to try their services, making the first interaction more affordable and appealing. These discount codes can be distributed through various marketing channels, such as social media, email campaigns, or partnerships with other businesses.

Using discount codes to attract new customers not only increases the customer base but also enhances brand visibility and customer loyalty, setting the stage for long-term business growth and success. 

6. Cash On Delivery: Building Trust and Confidence in Courier Services

Using the cash on delivery you can work with businesses that sells and are paid at the customer door.

Cash on Delivery (COD) not only builds trust and confidence with individual customers but also opens up new opportunities for courier services to collaborate with businesses like restaurants or online shops. Many businesses in the food and retail industry prefer to offer their customers the option to pay on the doorstep, and a courier service with COD capability can cater precisely to these requirements. By partnering with restaurants and online shops, the courier company can provide a seamless and reliable delivery service, collecting payment from the customer upon delivery.

The COD feature serves as a valuable selling point for the courier service, attracting businesses looking for a trusted and efficient delivery partner.

7. In-App Chat: Empowering Customer-Driver Communication

In-app chat is designed for customers and drivers to coordinate together efficiently and free.

In-App Chat empowers seamless communication between customers and drivers within a customer application. The ability to exchange messages with drivers directly within the app empowers customers to efficiently coordinate delivery details and preferences.

Whether it’s providing specific delivery instructions or inquiring about the estimated time of arrival, customers can seamlessly communicate their needs to drivers. This interactive and transparent communication channel enhances customer satisfaction, as it enables personalized support and builds trust.

8. Pricing: Enhance Transparency to Boost Customer Trust

Pricing algorithm help you implement your pricing strategy and offer to your customers clearly.

By providing clear and upfront pricing information, courier companies can build credibility and establish a sense of reliability with their customers. Transparent pricing eliminates any hidden costs, creating a more positive experience for customers. When customers know exactly what to expect in terms of pricing, they feel more confident in their decision to use the courier service. This level of pricing transparency is especially critical for on-demand courier businesses, where pricing is often based on factors such as distance, vehicle type, and additional services required.

To effectively show accurate pricing to customers, courier businesses must rely on advanced courier software that includes a flexible and customizable pricing module. With the right courier software in place, businesses can easily calculate and display pricing based on the specific parameters, ensuring transparency and avoiding any surprises for their valued customers.

9. Wallet: Flexible Payment Solutions

Wallet include payment methods provided for your customers to pay your service cost with ease.

A digital wallet offering customers a flexible way to settle their transactions. A digital wallet allows customers to store their payment information securely within the courier’s mobile app, eliminating the need to enter payment details repeatedly. With this user-friendly feature, customers can quickly complete their transactions with just a few taps, streamlining the checkout process and reducing friction. Moreover, digital wallets often support multiple payment methods, enabling customers to choose their preferred option, whether it’s credit/debit cards, net banking, or even digital payment platforms. 

10. Customer Feedback: Listen to Your Customers

Feedback and survey show you the reasons of why customers leave your system and you can find your bottlenecks.

By actively listening to customer feedback, courier companies can gain a deeper understanding of their customers’ needs and expectations. One effective method to obtain valuable customer feedback is by implementing surveys, where customers can share their opinions about the entire delivery experience. These surveys offer invaluable insights into customer satisfaction levels, allowing courier companies to identify areas of improvement and ensure that customer expectations are met consistently.

Moreover, the survey feature can be utilized to understand the reasons behind order cancellations, helping identify potential pain points in the service and addressing them promptly to improve customer retention. Additionally, by allowing customers to rate the drivers, courier companies can ensure the safety and reliability of their fleet, swiftly identifying any issues with drivers and taking necessary actions if needed. 

Wrapping Up

Embracing innovative solutions, such as courier software, empowers courier businesses to deliver exceptional service and expand their customer base. Onro is committed to providing solutions that meet the evolving demands of the courier industry.

With features that have been mentioned in this article, Onro empowers courier businesses to elevate their services and strengthen their customer base. To experience the capabilities of our courier software, we invite you to take click the button below to sign up for a free demo and discover how Onro can boost customer satisfaction and drive business growth.

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Originally published July 27, 2023 12:49 pm, updated Saturday, 26 August 2023.

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