December 2023

  New Features

  • Proof of delivery has now been added to the communication module for orders of the “Pickup and Delivery” type. #BackEnd
  • From now on, a quote widget can be added to your website, allowing all your visitors to view and select vehicle types and see order prices.
adding quote widget to your site allows your customers see vehicles and prices before using app
  • The onboarding server has been integrated with the main server. #BackEnd
  • From now on, the service and vehicle type filters for customers will not be checked during bulk imports. #BackEnd

  • Showing the wallet balance when it is close to zero has been enhanced, and it will no longer cause any bugs. #BackEnd
  • We changed the placeholder of the promotion code box to “Enter Code.” #CustomerPanel
  • The placement of the driver’s location and order addresses has been improved when using the open-source map (OSM). #Dispatcher
  • The size of the shipment label has been adjusted to be suitable for all label printers. #BackEnd #AdminDashboard
  • The service icon size on mobile apps has been modified for a better user interface. #CustomerApps

 Bugs Fixed

  • The UI issue with the sender’s name box on the create order form has been resolved. #CustomerPanel
  • The business customer registration form has been enhanced. Now, the continue button will be displayed in all systems regardless of screen size. #CustomerPanel
  • The bug with the creation date of customer accounts has been fixed. #AdminDashboard
  • The control of a driver being online is no longer dependent on orders with an “Assigned” status. #Backend
  • We fixed the UI problem with the “Filter by Date” window in the orders tab of the customer account information page. #AdminDashboard
  • The balance rounding bug has been resolved. #AdminDashboard
  • In the driver’s list, the order details will no longer be displayed if another order is selected afterward. #Dispatcher
  • Showing the number of active orders for a driver is now accurate. #Dispatcher
  • The placement of the “Call Driver” button has been fixed. #CustomerPortal
  • Editing the address book is now functioning correctly. #CustomerPanel
  • When a customer wants to add a new address to the address book while creating a new order, the placement of the “Save” button on this page has been fixed. #CustomerPortal
  • We fixed the issue where one order could be assigned to multiple drivers. #BackEnd

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