Empower Your Customers: A Deep Dive into The Customer Portal

Customer portal for courier service clients.

In the courier service industry, receiving orders via phone is a predominant method. This channel of getting orders needs a robust dispatch process managed by skilled dispatchers. However, as order volumes increase, expanding call centers can be both challenging and costly. What if technology could streamline this essential process? In this article, we delve into how leveraging a customer portal optimizes order management and catalyzes business growth.

A Self-Service for Your Customers

Customer portal is a self-service for courier service customers.

A customer portal is a web application that your customers can access. The customer portal is a set of necessary facilities that are available to your customers for placing orders, order management, payment, tracking, and communication with the driver and the support of the courier company. A part of the main work of dispatchers is provided to your customers in the form of an application, which both reduces your costs and improves customer satisfaction and user experience.

A customer portal can effectively:

  • Enhance Customer Experience
  • Increase Transparency
  • Improve Communication

Onro has automated our delivery methods. Instead of taking orders by phone, customers can now find our booking site (made possible by Onro) right on our website and book a delivery.


Increasing Your Brand Awareness

In Onro’s Customer Portal, you can utilize your domain, color scheme, slogan, and all brand assets to enhance your brand awareness. When your customers visit your website, they can interact with your branded customer portal and directly place their orders. Additionally, your business customers will be more engaged with your services which is potentially influencing your brand awareness and growth.

Our Customizations for the customer portal are:

  • Your domain
  • Your logo
  • Your colors
  • Your slogan
  • Your brand name

Reducing Workload for Dispatchers

A customer portal in courier management software can significantly reduce the workload of dispatchers by automating various processes. It allows customers to enter and manage their orders directly and reduces the need for dispatchers to manually input data and handle routine inquiries. This automation extends to shipment tracking, which customers can monitor themselves, thereby decreasing the volume of status update requests.

Additionally, the customer portal streamlines communication. These features help you focus on activities for expanding your customer base. With the help of the customer portal, with the expanding of your business, your expenses will not increase to the same extent, because part of the delivery process is done directly by your customer, and there is no need for your dispatchers to increase in parallel with the increase of your customers.

Key Features

Some of the most essential features of a customer portal that enable self-service for your customers include:

Order Management

Order management includes tools for managing the order process.

Customers can place, modify, and cancel orders directly through the portal which gives them complete control over their orders. Key features for managing orders include choosing pickup and drop-off locations, selecting the type of service, and specifying the preferred vehicle type, among other customizable options. Additionally, status updates are a vital component of this section that is keeping customers informed about their order’s progress and significantly reducing the workload of your courier business by minimizing the need for direct customer support inquiries.

Address Book

Address book is a feature for your customers and dispatchers to save most used addresses.

Address Book allows customers to save their frequent addresses and use them when placing orders. This provides a better user experience for your customers and makes it easier and faster for them to place their orders. Improving the user experience of customers and gaining their satisfaction will lead to the growth of your courier business.


Scheduling orders is a feature for your customers to place their orders in advance.

The ability to schedule orders allows your customers to plan their orders. Doing this directly by the customer will optimize part of your main business process and directly reduce your costs.

Feedback and Rating System

Your customers can leave a comment for drivers.

Surveying customers, whether at the time of canceling an order or after completing an order, is one of the marketing tasks that help all businesses recognize their weaknesses and try to compensate for them to gain customer satisfaction. It is possible in the customer portal that after the request is canceled by the customer or completed by the driver, the customer is asked to rate the driver. This driver rating system helps you get to know your courier fleet better.

Real-Time Tracking and Chat

A real-time chat between drivers and customer through the customer portal.

One of the most essential facilities that customers of a courier company should have today is the possibility of real-time tracking of the order and the driver, and the possibility of communicating with the driver. If you provide these two options to your customers, you will reduce the workload of your dispatchers. Because some calls to your support are about order tracking. Also, your customers will have a better experience using your service because they can see exactly when their order will be made and plan accordingly.

Wallet and Payment Methods 

Wallet in the customer portal for your customers.

The wallet and its related facilities, such as payment methods and adding card information, provide the customers of courier companies with the ability to pay for their orders online. These amounts are directly deposited into your business bank account. Different payment methods will provide a better user experience for your customers.

To Sum It Up

A customer portal is a powerful tool for courier businesses looking to automate. By empowering customers with the ability to directly place, modify, and track orders, it enhances customer autonomy and satisfaction. Onro’s Courier Software provides you with a white-label customer portal, which you can use to expand your courier business easily. Click the button below to get a free demo.

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