Courier logistics software is a courier software for courier businesses.

Courier Logistics Software: Six Must-Have Features

The courier logistics software available to courier companies or those who want to start courier business comes in numerous forms, each with a unique set of features. A collection that would like to provide software to manage its collection must understand the capabilities it requires.

Using courier logistics software in businesses enhances the following:

  • Driver management
  • Order management
  • Fleet efficiency
  • Transparency for customers (tracking)
  • Accounting and Turnover Transparency
  • Having business KPIs
  • Faster and smarter dispatching

In this essay, we’ll discuss five key features every courier program needs to have. Please stick with us.

Six Essential Features Of Courier Logistics Software

Proof Of Delivery

Proof of delivery is the most basic option for any courier or delivery service. The drivers are able to receive and upload the recipient’s information to software at the moment of delivery, proving that the parcel has been delivered successfully.

Pricing & Earning

Courier companies charge customers for their services. In other words, every delivery comes with a cost that must be disclosed to the customer, and which the customer must pay.

A competent courier logistics software can calculate, show, and charge for delivery. The company can change the pricing, and the program will handle everything else.

API Integration

Customers of courier companies are primarily businesses that sell their products online and want them delivered. It is an automatic mechanism that reacts to an increase in orders; otherwise, the customer’s connection with the courier company is slow and unjustified. Thus, the registration process and order tracking must be automated between the delivery business and the customer’s software.

Therefore, the ability of courier logistics software to integrate with other platforms is one of its most essential features.

As an example, integrating with the following eCommerce-enabled software is imperative.

Auto Dispatching

Drivers cannot be assigned orders at random, so optimizing charges based on drivers’ working hours, order pick up or drop off package volume, and so on are critical functions of courier logistics software. Moreover, for on-demand requests that must be picked up and delivered by a driver simultaneously, the software must select a driver closest to the pick-up location.

Driver Monitoring

Managing and operating a delivery business requires a clear picture of a driver’s current location and performance level. The accuracy of this monitoring and optimization for battery consumption and driver data makes the courier logistics software different.

As a result of this problem, Onro provides the best data consumption and battery management and displays the exact location of the drivers on the map.

Barcode Scanning

When the driver is involved with many shipments and wants to deliver a parcel, finding the order in the application is time-consuming. It instantly retrieves the information in the package by scanning the barcode on the package.

In addition, when drivers scan packages when receiving parcels from the hub or warehouse, it counts as package delivery confirmation.


Courier logistics software not only saves time and money but also helps improve the efficiency and amount of deliveries. Despite its versatility, the software aids in the timely delivery of products. By monitoring analytics in the business data, the administrator will be able to make more informed decisions that will help improve the organization’s performance. Onro courier software is the best courier logistics software and provides unparalleled services to enhance your company’s overall performance.

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Originally published November 12, 2021 12:49 pm, updated Tuesday, 29 August 2023.

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