HiO Has Targeted SMEs Without a Delivery System

HiO Has Targeted SMEs That Haven’t a Delivery System

Today, delivery is a critical component of e-commerce, food, restaurant, store, grocery, and other businesses. Almost every company that sells products offers delivery services. Traditional companies are losing market share or adding delivery services to their operations. The delivery sector has overgrown in tandem with technological advancements, and the recent Corona pandemic has only intensified this trend. However, businesses involved in last-mile delivery have faced additional hurdles due to this expansion. Small and medium-sized companies will find it challenging to overcome some of these obstacles. On the other hand, it will be impossible to compete and remain in the market without overwhelming them and solid distribution systems.

Meanwhile, some people consider these issues in the last-mile delivery industry as an opportunity to enter the market and create a business.

In this article, we join Bogdan Termure, co-founder and CEO of HiO, to learn more about their startup.

HiO’s Starting Point 

Many businesses begin by analyzing the market. Many startup businesses start when their founders notice a vacuum in the market and decide to create a company to fill it. HiO began as follows:

We came up with the idea in 2019 when we were, one of the biggest fleets for some food delivery apps like foodpanda, glovo, etc, and we were contacted by different companies asking to have access to our fleet.

Bogdan Termure, Co-Founder & Ceo
Bogdan Termure Co-Founder and CEO of HiO

What is the problem that HiO is attempting to solve?

“We are solving the last mile delivery part, and we are letting the owners/managers focus on their products,” noted Bogdan Termure.

Mr. Termure and his colleagues are well-versed in the industry of last-mile delivery. They understand that last-mile delivery challenges constitute barriers to the growth of small and medium-sized businesses. A great deal of business is unable or unwilling to deal with these challenges. Small enterprises, in particular, want to concentrate on their primary business while outsourcing product delivery. It not only lowers their costs but also expands their commercial options.

“We have as target the small and medium SME that don’t have the financial power to sustain a delivery system,” Bogdan Termure added.

Who Are HiO’s Customers?

HiO’s target customer is made up of small and medium-sized businesses that distribute items in some way. Some of these enterprises are as follows:

  • Restaurants
  • Catering 
  • Food deliveries
  • Retailers 
  • eCommerce
  • Groceries 

Restaurants occupy a unique position among these. Due to the Corona pandemic, most customers now order online, and many who used to visit in person now want to have their order delivered. HiO is currently focusing on restaurants in Romani.

Previous Platform

We used quite a lot of software, even the most renounced like Bringg and Jungleworks, but they lack one thing after they onboard you. They just forget about you. They only send invoices and nothing else. You beg for support.

Bogdan Termure, Co-Founder & Ceo
Bogdan Termure Co-Founder and CEO of HiO

The Future of the Onro-HiO Partnership

HiO is regarded as a partner by Onro. Because The success of HiO and Onro is intertwined. At Onro, we’re working to eliminate the need to form a technical staff by our customers to develop software to put their ideas into action. By providing the proper software infrastructure and developing the software features needed to build their business, we seek to lower the costs of delivery companies. In this regard, we help HiO and provide him with immediate technical support.

The most important thing for us to choose Onro is we get instant support, this allows us to be focused on getting new customers and managing couriers.

Bogdan Termure, Co-Founder & Ceo
Bogdan Termure Co-Founder and CEO of HiO

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