March 2023

  New Features

  • Adding message box for business customers #CustomerPanel
  • Adding the Unassigned category to the dispatcher categories #Dispatcher
unassigned category in dispatcher
  • HTML editor in the communication module for sending custom emails #AdminDashboard
  • Integration with Fatoorah payment gateway #BackEnd
  • Ability to connect chat services in the driver app #BackEnd
connect chat service in driver app
  • Ability to edit the customer during order creation #Dispatcher
edit customer in dispatcher


  • Adding support menu to customer panel #CustomerPanel
  • Adding bulk import for on-demand orders with multiple dropoffs #Dispatcher
  • Adding dispatch later category #Dispatcher #Dispatcher
  • Ability to view and edit the dispatch at field #Dispatcher
  • Updating the icons of both driver & customer app #Apps
  • Adding the negative balance settings for customers #AdminDashboard
  • Showing withdrawable balance in driver app #DriverApp
  • Ability to make driver registration fields required #DriverApp
  • Adding a dispatch trigger when a driver moves more than a threshold #BackEnd
  • Adding the surcharge edit in the dispatcher #Dispatcher
  • Adding the all mechanism in the configuration #AdminDashboard

 Bugs Fixed

  • Fixing the date format on all pages export #AdminDashboard
  • Fixing the filter bug in the list of orders #Dispacher
  • Fixing the tracking driver in the assigned status #Dispatcher

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