November 2022

  New Features

  • Showing the number of drivers and updating them in real-time #Dispatcher
  • Integrating Exezine payment gateway provider #BackEnd
  • Implementing the Stripe capture later feature for order payments #BackEnd
  • Adding more settings to the working type for showing price/earning before order assigning #DriverApp
  • Adding bank details to the driver profile and adding it to withdrawal requests export #AdminDashboard
  • Adding a timer for pending (waiting for driver confirmation) orders in the manual assigning #BackEnd
  • Adding a threshold for drivers to withdraw requests #BackEnd


  • Making the drivers list real-time update #Dispatcher
  • Redesigning the customer web app main page #CustomerApp
  • Handling the end customer phone number better from Shopify integration #BackEnd
  • Ability to cancel the P&D order if the Pickup order has been done #Dispatcher
  • Showing all other zones in the edit zone page #AdminDashboard
  • Improving the ETA on customer web app #CustomerApp
  • Moving the multi-drop fee to the vehicle type section in pricing #AdminDashbaord
  • Handing stats in re-connecting to network #Dispatcher
  • Removing the ability to finish the order before completing the dropoff #DriverApp

 Bugs Fixed

  • Fixing a bug regarding the withdrawal confirmation #AdminDashboard
  • Fixing the user’s permission level #AdminDashboard
  • Fixing the active order numbers in the driver’s list #Dispatcher
  • Fixing the edit price on the card (Stripe) payments #Dispatcher
  • Fixing the map zoom on choosing dropoff(s) #Dispatcher
  • Fixing the VoIP call issue #Dispatcher
  • Fixing showing ETA on tracking page #BackEnd

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