New Release: Optimize Longer Routes & Infrastructure Upgrades

November 2023

  New Features

  • Introduced reference ID as an external ID for orders #CustomerApp #Dispatcher.
  • Implemented the generation of barcodes and shipment labels based on the reference ID #AdminDashboard.
  • Successfully migrated to MongoDB cloud infrastructure #BackEnd.
  • Enabled the ability to import driver transactions via CSV #AdminDashboard.
  • Added a radius filter for pending orders in the Orders tab #BackEnd.
  • Introduced new shipment label settings #BackEnd.
  • Added input options for the service #BackEnd #Apps.
release note with new features in dispatcher like reference id in november


  • Drivers can now remain online when the app is closed on iOS devices #DriverApp.
  • Upgraded the architecture to ensure the service remains fast and light even under heavy loads #BackEnd.
  • Improved the user interface for adding payment methods (Add card) #CustomerApp.
  • Customers can now view Proof of Delivery (POD) for Pick-up and Delivery (P&D) orders #CustomerApp.
  • Enhanced route optimization capabilities to handle up to 160 drop-offs #Dispatcher.
  • Updated invoice templates for improved clarity and presentation #BackEnd.
  • Enabled customer phone number confirmation #AdminDashboard.

 Bugs Fixed

  • Resolved the issue of email sending in certain time zones #AdminDashboard.
  • Fixed the UI issue with options on the mobile #CustomerPanel.
  • Fixed the bug related to canceling invoices #AdminDashboard.
  • Fixed a map bug in the customer app #CustomerApp.
  • Fixed the issue with displaying related orders on the map for drivers #Dispatcher.
  • Fixed the issue related to rounding the driver’s balance #AdminDashboard.
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