Pick & Go is a food delivery platform that helps restaurants deliver better.

Pick & Go: Improving Food Delivery in Singapore

Pick & Go is an online food delivery provider and complete online, delivery, and booking solution for all types of food and beverages businesses. The company was founded in 2021 by CEO Feroz Ghulam Mohamed, who saw an opportunity to fill a gap in the market during the circuit breaker lockdown period. According to Feroz, one of the key problems Pick & Go is trying to solve is the automation of delivery bookings, along with better chatbot flow and provider with customers.

Online food delivery provider and a complete online delivery and booking solution to all types of F&B. Circuit Breaker 2021 (Lockdown Period) the surge of FNBs requiring delivery services and also to fill the gap for businesses that are not online and could not afford the current commission charges, charged by the bigger players such as Grab, FoodPanda, etc.

Feroz Ghulam Mohamed – CEO

What are the Key Problems Pick & Go is Trying to Solve?

The main problems that Pick & Go is trying to solve are the automation of all delivery bookings and better communication with customers. These suggest that they are looking for a more efficient and streamlined process for handling delivery orders and customer inquiries, to provide a better overall experience for their customers.

Pick & Go was looking to provide more options for customers to track their orders, such as real-time updates on the delivery status and estimated time of arrival. This can improve transparency and provide customers with more control over their orders.

By addressing these key challenges, Pick & Go can improve their online food delivery services and better serve their B2B and B2C customers.

The key problems that we are trying to solve are the automation of all delivery bookings and providing better communication with customers.

Feroz Ghulam Mohamed – CEO

Previous Platform

Pick & Go had tried using QuestTag and Tookan for their delivery operations before ultimately switching to a different platform. The CEO, Feroz Ghulam Mohamed, mentioned that the driver interface for both platforms wasn’t something that they were satisfied with. Additionally, they were looking for a more flexible solution that could address their biggest problem of automating delivery orders. They ultimately decided to switch to a different platform that offered a better driver interface and allowed for greater automation of their delivery operations.

We have tried QuestTag now known as (Shipday) and Tookan. The interface for drivers is one of the key reasons why we shifted completely to Onro.


How Onro Helps Pick & Go Streamline Their Delivery Operations

When asked if Onro’s food delivery software had been useful for their business, the CEO of Pick & Go stated that the platform had been a great asset to their operations. They had previously tried other delivery software solutions, but ultimately switched to Onro because of its user-friendly driver interface and ability to automate delivery orders. One of the key benefits that Onro provides is the ability to display delivery fees to drivers, which was a problem that Pick & Go had previously faced with other platforms. Additionally, the Onro team’s quick response time and willingness to listen to their suggestions has made them a valuable partner for Pick & Go. Overall, the automation and efficiency that Onro provides has helped Pick & Go streamline their delivery operations and provide better service to their customers.

The most important keys are delivery fee display to drivers and automation of delivery orders into Onro from Cloudwaitress which is huge for us and the team has managed this integration in a short time. Also, their customer support is excellent. The team takes our suggestions carefully and their response time is on point.


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