New Release: The New Dispatcher & Teams

New Release: The New Dispatcher & Teams

September 2022

  New Features

  • New UI/UX #Dispatcher
  • Categorizing orders in the orders list (for better/clear access) #Dispatcher
  • Realtime statistics of orders (Overview) #Dispatcher
  • Ability to pin orders to the top (Also un pin) #Dispatcher
  • Showing ETA on the orders list #Dispatcher
  • Automatically delay detection #Dispatcher
  • Showing orders on the map #Dispatcher
  • Separating orders with card colors #Dispatcher
  • Default date filter #Dispatcher
  • Ability to categorize drivers in different teams #BackEnd #AdminDashboard
  • Ability to give the dispatcher user access to certain teams/services/vehicle types/zones #AdminDashboard
  • Showing ETA on the tracking page #TrackingPage
  • Adding ETA for the delivery/pickup only #TrackingPage


  • Adding the status filter to invoices #AdminDashboard
  • Ability to create transactions (paid/partial paid) for invoices #AdminDashboard
  • Optimizing the GoogleMap API’s cost #BackEnd
  • Adding account deletion mechanism for customer/driver apps #DriverApp #CustomerApp
  • Adding tracking link and shipment label link to orders table and export file #AdminDashboard
  • Showing delay and ETA in the order details #Dispatcher

 Bugs Fixed

  • Getting offline on some devices #DriverApp
  • Business customers create transaction #AdminDashboard
  • Customer portal calendar in Spanish #CustomerPanel
  • Customer portal default map location #CustomerPanel
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