Sprint: Empowering Middle East Businesses

Sprint is a logistics company in the middle east.

Sprint: Empowering Middle East Businesses

Sprint’s journey began in 2019 with a simple yet powerful vision to modernize Middle East logistics. Mohamed Deif, the driving force behind the company, saw the potential for technology-enabled solutions to revolutionize the industry. Sprint is on a mission to reshape the logistics landscape through technology.

Sprint is a leading e-commerce logistics company founded in 2019 with a vision to transform the logistics ecosystem in the Middle East by providing technology-enabled solutions that help e-commerce merchants and retailers enjoy high-value and end-to-end logistics services and solutions.

Mohamed Deif, Founder & CEO

A Diverse Audience

Sprint’s commitment to serving a diverse clientele is at the core of their business philosophy. They recognize that the logistics needs of various types of businesses differ significantly, and they’ve tailored their services to meet these unique demands. They cater not only to e-commerce merchants and entrepreneurs but also extend their support to restaurants and businesses seeking logistics solutions.

Our target audience includes e-commerce merchants, entrepreneurs, restaurants, and businesses with logistics needs.

Mohamed Deif, Founder & CEO

Solving the Logistics Puzzle

In an industry where time and precision are critical, Sprint strives to empower businesses with seamless logistics support. In this industry, every moment counts, and the accuracy of every delivery is crucial. Sprint recognizes these critical factors and has made it their mission to empower businesses with logistics support that ensures both efficiency and accuracy. At the core of Sprint’s mission lies the challenge of logistics. Mohamed Deif sums it up, saying, 

Our aim is to facilitate logistics needs through technology-enabled solutions.

Mohamed Deif, Founder & CEO

Onro: A Valued Partner

Onro, the software platform, plays a pivotal role in Sprint’s operations. Mohamed Deif acknowledges its importance, stating, 

Onro enables us to provide a complete tech solution to our food, groceries, and light-trucking customers.

Mohamed Deif, Founder & CEO

Mohamed Deif emphasizes the fundamental shift it brought: “What is the main problem that Onro has solved for your business? Visibility on each touch point for every single order or trip.” In an industry where real-time tracking is vital, Onro’s solution has proven invaluable.

Before adopting Onro, Sprint had explored other software options. However, the decision to switch to Onro was driven by the platform’s reliability and modernity. Mohamed Deif points out, “Onro is a more reliable and modern solution.” While satisfied with the current state, he also sees potential for enhancements to cater to different business models, highlighting Onro’s commitment to ongoing improvement.

Sprint may be a small business, but it’s driven by a big vision. Mohamed Deif and his team are determined to make their mark, transforming logistics in the Middle East one innovative step at a time. Together with Onro, they are shaping the future of e-commerce logistics in the region, offering businesses a reliable and modern solution.

Onro delivery management software enables you to empower your deliveries.
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