Addressing Customer Complaints in Delivery Services

Addressing Customer Complaints in Delivery Services

Addressing customer complaints in managing delivery services is a significant topic in all delivery and courier services. So, let’s gain knowledge about all customer complaints in delivery services in this article.

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Customer Complaints in Delivery Services

The modern market for delivery services includes many organizations striving to provide customers with convenience and reliability. In this dynamic environment of competition and innovation, it is important that all delivery services strictly adhere to quality standards and properly fulfill their obligations to customers. 

However, sometimes it happens that even under conditions of strict requirements and standards, not all companies manage to provide services at the required level. Delays, damaged goods, delivery errors and poor service can create dissatisfaction among customers. But it is important to understand that clients have the right to quality service for which they pay. 

Therefore, if the client encounters unacceptable situations during the delivery process, he/she has the right to appeal such actions.

Thus, complaining about a misdelivery is not only a way to express dissatisfaction, but also a mechanism for a business to correct mistakes and improve its services. In this regard, today we will look at the process of drawing up such a document, paying attention to the list of grounds on which customers can file a complaint about delivery.

Grounds for Filing a Complaint

As noted earlier, customers have every right to file complaints about delivery in cases where they feel that the quality and conditions of the service do not meet expectations and established standards. In turn, below we present a list of the most common grounds for sending an application:

1. Delivery delay

If the ordered product or service was not delivered within the specified period. This may be especially important in cases where meeting deadlines is of high importance, for example, during important events.

2. Incorrect order

If the product or service received does not correspond to what was ordered, This may include errors in products as well as errors in quantity or configuration.

3. Insufficient quality of service

Situations where the quality of service during delivery turned out to be below the stipulated standards.

4. Problems with payment 

If there were problems with paying for the order, errors were made in the payment process or incorrect amounts were taken.

5. Violation of confidentiality

If confidentiality or security were violated during the transfer of personal information or goods, the client can appeal this violation.

6. Lack of delivery notification

Cases when the client did not receive notification of the upcoming delivery, which could lead to missing the moment of receipt.

7. Failure to comply with special requests

If the customer has provided special requests or delivery instructions that were not taken into account when making the delivery.

Where Can Customers Go in the Case of a Complaint?

Customers can file a complaint about delivery problems with various authorities and organizations, depending on the nature of the complaint. For example, they can contact the delivery company support service. The very first step should be to contact the support service of the company providing delivery services. They usually have mechanisms to address complaints and find solutions.

The Disadvantages of Online Shopping that Cause Consumers to Complain

Along with all the advantages of online shopping, it also has some disadvantages, which we will mention below:

Delay in delivery

By purchasing in person, you have your product in hand at the same time as choosing and ordering; But if you want to buy online, you should do it sooner. In addition to the time required to supply, pack, and send the goods, sometimes the lack of proper management in online stores causes a delay in receiving the goods by the customer. Although the duration of selection, purchase, and payment for an online product may not take more than 15 minutes. 

Why Should You try Onro Delivery Software?

In the modern world, e-commerce and online services are developing at incredible speed, so restaurants and stores need to follow the trends and move online. One way to optimize your business is to create your own delivery app with the help of Onro for restaurants and stores.

There are several key questions to answer before deciding to build a delivery app

The first question is how saturated the market for delivery services is in your area. If there are a lot of shops and restaurants around you with a theme similar to yours, then aggregators are more likely to not be very effective, and you will have to think carefully about the application itself, making it unique and convenient.

The second important factor is your RPM. If it allows it and, moreover, if there are much more online orders than offline ones, then the lack of your own delivery management software is a big omission.


Having your own delivery application is profitable and awesome. In addition to what we talked about above, Onro recommends to consider specific additional delivery software that can increase profits.

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