Hello Courier is one the Onro's customers offers courier services in Kenya.

Hello Courier: Safe and Fast Deliveries Anytime Anywhere

Hello Courier is a logistics company based in Kenya that offers on-demand, same-day, and last mile delivery services to its customers. With a focus on safe and fast deliveries, anywhere and anytime, Hello Courier is committed to providing the best delivery experience to its clients.

Our business started in January 2021. We found a gap in the industry. Existing courier companies were not able to deliver goods for their customers on-time. Their customers raised complaints which fell on deaf ears. We as Hello Courier are bridging that gap.

Erick Moriasi – Director

Who Are the Hello Courier’s Target Audience?

Hello Courier’s target audience includes anyone who needs their goods shipped from one point to another, from individual customers to small and large businesses.

With its commitment to providing flexible delivery workflows for different logistics needs, Hello Courier has established itself as a reliable and efficient logistics partner for individuals and businesses alike.

Our target audience are individuals who need their goods to be shipped from one point to another, we also target small to bigger businesses who may be in need of courier services.


What is the Key Problem Hello Courier is Trying to Solve?

The key problem that Hello Courier is trying to solve is reducing the time it takes from when a customer places an order until they receive their goods. Hello Courier’s mission is to provide fast and reliable delivery services to its customers. The logistics industry in Kenya has been plagued with issues such as delays and lost packages, leading to frustration and dissatisfaction among customers. Hello Courier recognized this gap and set out to provide a solution.

We are reducing the time it takes from when the customer makes an order until when he/she picks it up.


With Onro’s Courier Software, Hello Courier is able to streamline its operations and ensure that packages are delivered promptly and efficiently. Through real-time tracking and courier software tools, Hello Courier is able to monitor and optimize its fleet, reducing the time it takes to get packages to their intended recipients.

In a world where fast and reliable delivery services are becoming increasingly important, Hello Courier is setting itself apart by offering flexible delivery workflows that cater to different logistics needs.

Onro + Hello Courier

Hello Courier is using Onro to streamline their logistics operations and provide better services to their customers. Onro’s platform offers a range of features and tools that help Hello Courier manage their orders, track their deliveries, and communicate with their customers more effectively.

One of the key benefits of using Onro for Hello Courier is the ability to view and track their orders in real-time. This helps Hello Courier keep track of their deliveries and ensure that every package is delivered on time. Onro’s platform also allows Hello Courier to track their riders wherever they are as they service orders for clients.

In addition, Onro’s platform provides Hello Courier with powerful communication tools. Customers can receive automatic notifications and updates on the status of their deliveries, and Hello Courier can communicate with their customers through the platform’s messaging system. This helps Hello Courier to provide better customer service and keep their customers informed every step of the way.

Overall, by using Onro’s courier software, Hello Courier is able to provide a more efficient and reliable service to their customers. With real-time tracking, optimized routes, and better communication tools, Hello Courier is well-equipped to meet the logistics needs of individuals and businesses alike.

Onro has provided us with a platform with which we can view and track the orders as they come. The most important is we are able to track our riders wherever they are as they are servicing orders for clients.


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