Innovations in Courier Management: What’s Next?

Innovations in Courier Management

Innovations in courier management include developing user-friendly mobile applications that give users of your courier service full control over the delivery process. Real-time tracking of cargo, online payment, and the ability to interact with couriers make the delivery process as convenient as possible.

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The Role of Software in Courier Management

A well-functioning courier management system is one of the most important elements of any successful company associated with the organization of delivery.

There are a number of tools that increase courier management in the most breathtaking way. The Onro software allows you to control the transportation of goods and receive data on the delivery status online. GPS monitoring covers all sections of the route – from the supplier to the end consumer.

Clients see the driver and cargo on the map, the state, the vehicle number and make, and the planned arrival date. Built-in functionality makes it possible to monitor compliance with deadlines and evaluate the quality of order delivery. Also, a great courier management software has a lot of tools to expand your customer base.

Optimization with Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence has been introduced into route optimization and resource allocation. Machine learning systems predict optimal routes based on factors such as traffic density and weather forecasts. This reduces delivery time and improves overall efficiency. We recommend you that read our blog post about the impact of AI on the courier delivery industry.

Progress of Order Management

With a large number of orders and a wide delivery geography, it is worth considering cooperation with third-party companies. These can be delivery services or aggregators – intermediaries between the online store and courier services.

In the latter case, you enter into an agreement only with an intermediary, and when making a purchase, the client himself chooses a company that is convenient for him, collaborating with the aggregator. But for a small or start-up business, it is not always clear which option will ultimately be more profitable, so it makes sense to first establish cooperation directly with one or two delivery services.

1. Rates

Decide which tasks of the delivery service are a priority: efficiency, strict adherence to delivery deadlines, the ability to leave goods in the warehouse for a long time, the availability of pick-up points, parcel terminals, etc. For example, the delivery of heavy, bulky cargo is subject to increased tariffs. The final cost will depend on all of the above.

Focus on the needs of potential clients, not personal preferences. It is often important for working people to receive an order outside of working hours. If the goods are small in size, customers will certainly appreciate the opportunity to pick them up at parcel lockers.

2. Reviews

Look at what they write about the courier company on specialized sites. Study information about the owners, the experience in the market, and customer reviews. A negative reputation of the delivery service can have a negative impact on the image of your company.

When working with an external delivery service, payments to couriers, operators, etc. cease to be your concern. There is no need to use an online cash register when paying for orders on the spot: after concluding an agreement, such payments to customers are made by the delivery service. However, you will no longer control the work of the staff, so you will not be able to directly influence the quality of service.

3. Technical solution

It is necessary to create a system for receiving and processing orders, a hotline to support couriers and customers, as well as a mechanism for notifying customers. You can save money by using Onro for managing your couriers and deliveries.

Benefits of Technological Innovations in Courier Management Services

You can reduce the time and costs associated with last-minute delivery by implementing technologies such as order fulfillment optimization or real-time package tracking. 

Solutions for managing multi-courier shipments also offer various tools and features to optimize the final part of the delivery. It doesn’t matter if in the end the success of the delivery depends on the couriers, you can still improve part of the courier operations by making your activities more efficient. 

By using Onro to manage shipments, and couriers continue to develop their services. So, once you have found the solution in line with your company’s goals, you can entrust logistics management to technology and focus on growing your business. 


Onro’s courier software allows customers to quickly manage the delivery of their orders. An authorized user can literally make the necessary changes in just a couple of minutes: schedule a pickup or delivery, change the driver of the order, or cancel it. 

Previously, the procedure required the participation of a sales manager, but now these issues can be resolved without the involvement of a specialist. Just click the below button and get your free demo.

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