8 Must-have delivery management tools that are needed for a DMS

8 Must-Have Delivery Management Tools 2023

Although the best delivery management software offers many delivery management tools, some of these delivery management tools are the foundation of the delivery business, and delivery management is impossible without them.

This article will discuss eight tools that should be included in delivery management software. If you wish to try and evaluate these capabilities using the software demo, click the button below and fill out the form to start using a free demo.

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Connect Your Business to a DMS Using Integration

The first tool that a DMS should provide for delivery companies is connecting your business to a delivery software. For example, suppose you own a restaurant and expect to use a DMS to handle your fleet and deliveries. In that case, you should connect your restaurant order management system to a DMS using delivery management tools and automatically place your restaurant orders in your delivery software. Integration can make this connection. Integration is the primary and most fundamental delivery management tools that Onro seeks to create. In this regard, you can see Onro’s collaboration with ezCater and how the two systems are linked.

If the platform you use to manage your eCommerce business orders isn’t linked to Onro, we’ll connect it for you. You can check the integrations page to see if your platform is integrated with Onro or not.

Automate Flows Using Delivery Management Tools

Some delivery management tools are designed to automate significant delivery operations. Process automation dramatically aids in optimizing your business and the efficiency of your fleet. Dispatcher Panel and Driver App are two of these tools. We shall look at their involvement in automating delivery processes in the following sections.

Optimal Delivery Distribution with the Use of Sophisticated Dispatcher Tools

The dispatcher is one of the delivery management tools that speeds up and optimizes dispatching process by automating the flow of delivery distribution. The dispatcher is a web-based portal that offers all of the tools required for the correct and optimal deliveries among drivers, both manually and automatically. Different algorithms can be employed in the automatic technique, the most popular of which considers the distance between the driver and the pickup place of the order to make the order faster. Because drivers make deliveries, the primary delivery flow is between the dispatcher operator and the driver. If appropriate delivery management tools for solid communication between the driver and the operator are available, your delivery business will be more productive. Another Dispatcher feature that aids in streamlining this process is real-time monitoring of drivers on the map and evaluating their status. These services are available in the Dispatcher Panel, which is used by numerous businesses to manage their fleets and deliveries.

Automate Workers Flow Using Driver Application

Your company’s drivers handle the majority of the order delivery procedure. No delivery company can make the most of its fleet without a driver app. The driver app, as one of the primary delivery management tools required in a DMS, must allow the driver to receive orders and complete the delivery process from start to end. If we break the delivery process into two parts, order distribution and execution, the dispatcher handles the first, and the driver app runs the second. The Onro driver app is available for iOS and Android operating systems, allowing all of the drivers in your fleet to fulfill your orders.

Schedule Deliveries Using Management Tools

Another crucial delivery management tool in a Delivery Management Software is scheduling. You and your customers can schedule the delivery procedure using this function. The driver will complete the delivery procedure at the pickup or drop-off time. The scheduling tool is available in various places within the delivery management software, such as the dispatcher, driver app, and customer app and portal. This enables businesses to streamline the scheduling process and provide greater visibility to their customers regarding their delivery status.

Track Everything in All Steps of Deliveries

Another important delivery management tools for running a delivery business is tracking. You should be able to track the following with a Delivery Management Software:

  • Drivers and Vehicles
  • Orders

In real-time, both the dispatch user and the management dashboard should see the driver’s current location and status, such as whether or not an order is active. The status of orders, as well as other trackable data, should be visible. Another feature of tracking is the ability for customers to track their orders. When a customer can see the status of an order and the driver who is doing it, he is more satisfied, which is beneficial to your business.

Communicate Better with Notifications and Alerts

Improving the delivery process requires creating suitable interactions amongst those involved. Alert, notification, email, chat, and SMS are all delivery management tools that can be used for this purpose in a Delivery Management System. Communication between users can be built using all communication channels. This component is implemented as communication module in Onro. Notifications for all delivery statuses can be defined in the Onro Communication Module.

In the Onro delivery management system, the communication module provides notifications for all delivery statuses, enabling users to stay updated on the delivery process. The communication module can also be used to build communication channels between the users and enable real-time updates on the delivery status.

Proof of Delivery Tool

Proof of delivery has always been an essential component of the delivery process, and it is often done on paper. It is now included as a tool in a DMS so that drivers can perform it at the end of the delivery process using their mobile app, and the data is logged in the order information.

Having digital POD information in a DMS has several benefits. First, it eliminates the need for paper-based POD, which can be easily lost or damaged. Second, it provides real-time visibility into the delivery process, allowing businesses to track the delivery status and make any necessary adjustments. Third, it enables businesses to quickly and easily retrieve POD information for any legal or audit purposes.

Evaluate Using Survey and Feedback

Obtaining feedback from customers and drivers after each delivery, as well as analyzing the data acquired from this DMS, might reveal your company’s shortcomings. Many online businesses now conduct customer surveys on distinct platforms. They even pay for it to use the data to identify flaws in their business and improve and develop it by the demands of their customers. We give a solution for customer and driver feedback and surveys at Onro DMS in a way that you customize.

Also, customer surveys and feedback can also help to improve customer satisfaction, as it demonstrates that the business values the opinions and experiences of its customers. By using this feedback to make improvements, businesses can build customer loyalty and enhance their reputation in the market.


Today, technology and software can automate and optimize the delivery process from zero to one hundred percent. It necessitates using many delivery management tools, each enhancing a particular aspect of the process. Some of these tools are more crucial than others, and a DMS would be inadequate without them. These tools are available in Onro, which is developed to manage delivery businesses.

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Originally published February 22, 2022 10:18 pm, updated Sunday, 27 August 2023.

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