Types Of Courier Services In 2021

As an introduction to courier services, it’s essential first to define what courier service involves. In common, courier service involves shipping packages from one place or person to another. The courier company’s fleet transport packages. A courier company can deliver almost everything a person uses in their everyday lives. For example, it can deliver what online retailers, groceries, chain stores, florists, and restaurants sell to customers. A courier business transports and delivers parcels such as documents, packages, and letters exchanged between individuals.

This post introduces you to the different types of services that courier companies provide. For this reason, we have categorized them to understand them better after you read the post.

Types of Courier Services Based On Their Scope of Work

Several types of courier services exist. Their activities and the location of their activities are two ways in which courier services and organizations are classified. There are courier companies that offer delivery services covering an area as small as a single city block up to as large as multiple nations or continents, depending on the company’s size and policies.

Local Courier Services

Local courier services provide delivery services within a city. Locally based enterprises usually contract with local delivery companies or provide delivery services to the public. In fact, despite their locations in multiple cities or even countries, some prominent local corporations do not ship goods across borders or from one country to another. Instead, they operate locally throughout many cities, and they usually ship items within the local market. Grab Express, Lalamove, and Stuart are just a few well-known companies that provide local courier services.

Global Courier Services

Another type of courier service provider operates on a much larger scale, such as across several nations or continents. These businesses are often postal competitors and have huge fleets. In general, global courier companies provide better service than postal companies and a greater degree of service. Just a few examples of global courier companies are DHL, TNT, UPS, and FedEx. International courier services are courier services that ship packages internationally.

Types of Delivery of Courier Services

Several types of courier services are available, depending on the type of delivery. Another aspect that may characterize courier services is picking up and delivering products. In this respect, we can categorize courier services into four types, which we will examine in the following sections.

Same Day Courier

The same-day courier companies deliver packages on the same day. They must pick up packages before noon and deliver them by the afternoon. Several Same Day courier companies offer the Next Day Delivery service. It is based on delivering packages on the following day if they are received in the afternoon.

Deliveries are picked up first and then delivered in this manner because it is less expensive and requires a smaller fleet to collect packages in bulk. A courier would pick up several packages at 7:00 a.m. and deliver them to a courier company. A courier may transport many packages at a low cost with this technique, reducing the cost to the end customer. However, the product might not arrive at the end-user at the right time and may take up to a day.

Route optimization is one of the most challenging aspects of the Same Day Delivery, so route planning and optimization are vital. If these requirements are met, the cost of courier service can be significantly reduced.

Overnight Shipping

When using the Same Day courier services, it frequently made deliveries between 9 a.m. and 11 p.m. However, items are delivered after 5 p.m. and at night.  This method has several advantages, such as keeping the goods safe in the vehicle (courier) as it is not stuck in traffic, preventing damage from the heat, and ensuring faster and more predictable delivery. Manufacturing enterprises find this strategy more appealing.

Parcel Services

As with the previous delivery methods, this delivery technique is pretty similar. One difference is that special-conditions packages are typically relocated by monitoring their specific locations. The same-day delivery of restaurant meals is impossible since the delivery must be dispatched within an hour. Courier businesses providing this service must deliver food in less than an hour, and the courier differs from the rest of the fleet. In addition, another difference between Same-Day and Parcel services is that on Same-Day, large numbers of packages and varied commodities are shipped together. In contrast, in Parcel, they are shipped separately or in packages of the same material.

On-Demand Delivery


By utilizing the On-Demand technique, the courier company responds to the customer’s request by assigning them a dedicated courier. With this approach, the courier goes straight to the customer’s location and only moves and delivers the package, performing no other tasks. Although more expensive, this method has several advantages:

  • Rapid package delivery
  • Top security and low risk of damage
  • Ability to send many packages to multiple addresses at the same time
  • Ability to choose the vehicle
  • Ability to schedule a delivery time
  • Tracking the driver using a map

The On-Demand method offers a slew of additional benefits, and it has a sizable market. Many established courier companies and prominent startups have entered this market. Therefore, providing higher-quality services to clients is crucial, and companies in this sector have shifted their focus to customers. Grab Express, Lalamove and Doordash are examples of startups that provide on-demand delivery services. If you want to know more about the on-demand delivery software, see here.

Different Courier Services According to Their Platform

The courier service industry uses platforms to manage their fleets, clients, and business operations. Some of these substrates are old and are no longer as effective as newer technologies, posing competition issues. Historically, paper documents and books were popular but have become obsolete. Some courier companies now use Excel files to coordinate their services or get signatures on paper sheets to complete the POD process. Others use the software more sophisticated than Excel that can simply manage orders.

Technology has, however, made it necessary to use all the power produced by technology to compete in the arena of courier services with the emergence of the Internet and the proliferation of mobile phones. Our capabilities included mobile application development for drivers, web dispatchers to manage orders and fleets, admin dashboard to manage courier businesses, mobile and web applications for customers, as well as Web APIs and applications for businesses. Businesses have been developing scalability and more outstanding market share with Web applications and software APIs for these highly competitive industries. See Onro courier software for more information.

To Sum It Up

By selecting a suitable courier, you can minimize the risks of delays, items getting stowed at borders, and items disappearing. Different couriers offer a variety of services. A most competent courier will deliver the quickness, safety, and service that your company demands. To choose the courier that meets your needs best, you must first understand what they are and how they might benefit your business. The purpose of this post was to discuss different types of couriers across different scopes. If a service wasn’t covered, please share your thoughts.

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